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  1. Interview With Wrench

    Good artical - Wish I was smart enough to do Mods. But there is one prob, I read the book and as a former SAC Puke, I hate the look of of the Mega Fortress. It is an insult to the Buff. Really - A V-Tail?. Pointy Nose. Really - good Interview - with really American answers. Enjoyed reading it. Oh yeah, I have quite a few of ur Mods Wrench, thank you.
  2. I dont want to say I hope so - But I am sick of this crap.
  3. Political Discussions

    I know this aint gonna go over too well, but what the hell. GO ISREALE, KICK THEIR FN ASSES!
  4. HOTAS

    HRC- yeah, it's getting old. I used Dauhzimmers program, but that dont work anymore. Any driver problems with the -52?
  5. HOTAS

    I am currently using a Saitek X-45. For the past 5 years. It is goin out on me. I would like to know what yall use and who is happy with their systym. In otherwords, what is a good stick?
  6. P-40E Soviet skins Pack

    great job, but I love the P-40, I just cant fly it commie colors
  7. THE f***?

    I was an ALS tech at Loring AFB in Me. It was a B-52G SAC base, and there alot transit aircraft make a stop there. One day there were some Marine F-4's doing T&G's. There was also a Buff doing the same thing. The Marines started to get a little fancy with thier manuevers. I think it's called "Showing off". Well, The Buff pilot decided to show off. I have never seen a plane that big do the stuff he did. It was amazing. I think the pilot's name was Tomlinson. The bad part was that every crew-member, except Tomlinson, thru up into thier mask. Our shop stunk for awhile.
  8. I miss them

    A couple of months ago I lost some dear friends. I miss them. They died in a plane crash. If anyone can give me a little more info I would grateful. Here is a link to the accident. http://www.azfamily.com/news/local/Plane-crashes-near-Crown-King-63561457.html I miss ya Smitty and I miss you Jodie.
  9. The funniest movie on Youtube

    I think this opens a new topic. "Your best Batman memories". Does anyone remember when Robin got swallowed by a giant bearded claim? I aint makin that up!
  10. Need your votes to win a contest, please!

    Done. Good Ruck.
  11. Roll Call

  12. I have all three sims. All updated to the latest patch. Is there way to let me put my saved pilots from one sim to the other? I have Some good recoreds in Sfp1 that I would like to use in WOE, and WOE pilots to fly some SFP missions. I have tried to copy the pilot rec from one to the other, renumberd, and added to the pilot list. What ends up happening is all the pilots get messed up and only have the original ACE pilot.
  13. PC problem #2

    Thank you sir. I re-checked the settings for viewing sys files and found that there was still a check mark there. It is amazing to me how simple it is to screw up something when you think you know what you are doing. Needless to say, I now have lots of room for WOE. Thanks again.
  14. PC problem #2

    When ever I defrag my c: drive, there are still 6 or 7 gigs of files that are not fixed. These are all .chk files with names like /File00001. Each file is 1.1 or 1.2 gigibytes. I have searched the registry,hidden files , and every folder on the drive. Where are they so I can get rid of the damn things.

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