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  1. Microsoft Aces Studio is Closed

    I would agree completly with you, if it wasn't for one thing: the fame that the MS Flight Sim name has aquired. When MS releases the next one, it will probably be a disappointment for the simming community. But what about the seven-year olds who ask their mothers for an "airplane game"? Their parents will go to the stores, and there they will find MS FS, togheter with some alternatives. As they probably wont have too much of an idea about the pros and cons of different sims, they will choose based on the look of the box, and the reputation of the companies. Now, I doubt that my mother could identify Ubisoft, and then my brother and sisters have a shelf full of Ubisoft games for PC annd PS2. However, she most certainly can identify Microsoft. Bottomline, when Microsoft takes up the FS product-line again, they can afford releasing a few quite bad sims, because they will sell them anyway. After a while, they have trained up a bunch of new guys, and so a good sim might eventually appear. The closing of Aces might be a small disaster for the flight-simming community, but I doubt that it will have such a great effect on the sales-figures of the MS FS series when/if it is restarted. Sad but true.
  2. Maybe too many models?

    To begin with, I'm a great Vulcan-fan, personally I'd say it's the most beatuifull strategic bomber ever built. In reality, I doubt I'd ever fly one more than once or twice if it appeared in Jet Thunder. My idea of Combat Sim is not navigating over endless oceans in pitch black to drop bombs on a runway half-way round the world. It sure would be intresting to balance the plane-set, but I think the majority of simmers (and gamers ) would prefer a unbalanced planeset with some choppers added in a sequel than a balanced plane-set including the Vulcan. However, I certainly agree that the team should do what feels right for them, I know I'll buy it anyway!
  3. I would say that the AI is okay, yes, there are several problems, but nothing making the game unplayable. I'm a quite crappy pilot, but I managed to escape from a low-level dogfight with two Bf 109F on the tail of my MiG-3, and actually reach my home plate with a plane in working condition (a few holes there, some broken glas, a tiny smoke trail, but nothing serious). Needless to say, next time I tried it I was overconfident and ended up crating a nice big hole in the ground.
  4. Microsoft Aces Studio is Closed

    Wouldn't be surprised if MS FS came back in some form or another after the current financial crises has ended, the name is simply too well known to give up.
  5. The Person Below Me

    I do think I've done it, although I didn't time it... If we allow launches from the second floor it's a certain positive. The person below me knows what happens "when you're out of sixes"
  6. Zombies ahead

    Nah, small-caliber fire aint good at killing zombies. An axe is probably better, aim for the head!
  7. AC-130 replacement

    Would the laser really be used as a replacement for the big guns or would it be used as a "less lethal"-weapon (think huge flashbang )?
  8. Microsoft Aces Studio is Closed

    And don't forget that the gaming industry as a whole is a quite competitive niche. After all, MS is really big on OS and their Office-package. When a crises like this hits, then it's natural to focus on core products, and stop competing with full-time gaming giants like EA and Activision Blizzard. Sad but true.
  9. Iranian Air Space

    Yeah, that's probably right. However, there are some dangers in the Gulf. Subs may not fare well in shallow water, but that is more of a problem for the 688 and Seawolf-class than for the smaller SSK's. Also we have a true brown-water situation, with all the associated problems of mines, FAC's, land based missiles and so on. Granted the US would win, but there's no denying the possibility of a lucky shot damaging or destroying a major surface vessel. ...but this has pretty little to do with the original story, so it's probably by faaaar OT.
  10. Iranian Air Space

    One word: Kilo/Paltus SSK Yes, the navy isn't too much of a treat, but they have tree quite modern SSK, and they could be a problem. Also, ask the Israelis, even old AShM can be a real problem, and there are several both on FAC's and on land in Iran.
  11. Iranian Air Space

    Agreed, it sounds like a remake of the lighthouse myth. ...And having served a year driving a 13-ton landing craft I would argue that not a single guy responsible for navigation on any boat/ship in any navy would mistake the lights from a lighthouse with those of a surface vessel. There are very strict rules on which lights going were on a ship, just to make sure things like that doesn't happen. However, facts aside, they are good stories!
  12. We finally made it!

    Looks nice, congrats! (however, before someone else starts making fun of it, I think the word you are looking for is "scratch", when something is scratch-built it is completly new. When something is built from scrap, then it's a built from junk)
  13. Next time you stop at the scene of an accident, consider this

    Fascinating. In my country it's the other way around. If one witnesses an accident, one is legally obliged to help as much as one can. I don't know what will become of this world if people starts suing their helpers, not to talk about their doctors (which is happening already).
  14. Do you fly for your own country in sims?

    Well, I'm certainly with you on the part about the fact that one should be able to choose freely about what to play. If one likes the Bf 109 or Fw 190, then let them fly for the Luftwaffe! However, as well as being allowed to do that without being called a neonazi, one should also be free to choose not to play for Lw (or any other force), without being yelled at. We all see these things differently, and I think that is the way it should be.
  15. Do you fly for your own country in sims?

    It's a challenging question, what games one plays and how one then play them. First I think it's fair to say that all are allowed to choose for themselves, I usually play for all sides in most games, just for the fun of it. War is cruelty, and although it is fair to say that some regimes are more cruel than others (e.g. Nazis and Stalinist Soviet), flying for them for me does not mean I embrace their ideas. However, I can imagine that I would find it rather worrying if I had a child who constantly would choose to fly for Germany or the Soviets, as it could lead to a unhealthy interest that no one knows what it would lead to. After a certain age (which is highly individual) this risk disappears (or at least diminishes), as adults knows the difference between games and history. Finland is not usually included in games, but I often download some new aircrafts with the von Rosen shield in Blue and take them for a flight. In Blitzkrieg I have played the Winter War mission from the Soivet side, and I had no problem with that. However, I do not usually play any FPS, because I feel that attempting to single out one person and try to kill him is over the line for me. The line is vauge, but I feel that going after an aircraft in a sim (which obviously sometimes means that the pilot & crew dies) is more acceptable, as well as letting small tanks fight it out in a RTS. This is no absolute line, but I've found that for the moment it works fine for me. First and foremost it's also about the fact that in real life I'm a hunter, and owning firearms I do not want to have pictures of me shooting people in my head when I go to the range or the forest.

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