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  1. HUD modification for SF2

    Is there any way to show missiles with ranges?
  2. HUD modification for SF2

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! i was looking forward to solve this problem of the too much info in the "normal" HUD.
  3. is there a way to work it out on strike fighters 2 may 2012?
  4. A-4L Skyhawk Addon

    does it have flares/chaff and ecm?
  5. Operation Joint Effort

    i need to have one version of strike fighters? or all of them?
  6. In Strike Fighters 2 Europe the F-15A Eagle can be played until 1997 without modding!
  7. Mirage Factory Mig-29 for WOI

    can be used in sf2?
  8. Hi everybody! I realy like this game and I have thing to say... in the late patches, when a missile is launched at you, your teamates say missile launch! and it is painted in red. Does somebody have an idea how to make the Heat Seekers be in the RWR screen, because I was in an airfield of the IAF and i saw a F-15A that has, of course, RWR but it also displays the Heat Seekers in the RWR as a big IR with circle around it. In the show, it was written that this system was in service from 1993 and was sold to USAF and many other airforces in 1995... in Strike Fighters 2: Europe, you can fly with the F-15A even in 1997! So, I realy think they should get this into the game! If someone thinks im wrong so i can approve it with an image i have in my room of couple F-15A from 1995! Please support this if you want this system in the game!
  9. Super Hornet Package for SF2 v4.1

    i put them in floder but when i run the jet only missiles appear
  10. F-15 Super Pack (Version 2.4)

  11. AH-64A/D IAF pack skin

    wow! it looks realy good! but sorry, i wont download... i dont want to slow the game with skins/ models
  12. GermanyCE Buildings

    can i crash on the building with my plane?
  13. Su-33 mod for the TW series.

    plz add a link to a complete su-33

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