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  1. Be careful of the Canadair Sabres as well, those are absolutely deadly, they are on par with the MiG-17A (No Afterburner), if not actually better than the 17. Both the Sabre Mk.4 (RAF), CL-13B/Sabre Mk.6 (Luftwaffe and RCAF) are all equally as deadly, the Mk.6 even more so as it can out turn the F-86F and has Sidewinders.
  2. Tainted Cigar, 1962. Somehow survived a turnfight with MiG-17s.
  3. This entire channel is a goldmine. "How to protect your computer from getting shot at by an MBT" "Chess Trap: Tennison Gambit ICBM Edition" "How to prevent Bike theft using Electronic Warfare Countermeasures" and the most famous: "How to protect your shopping trolley from Improvised explosives"
  4. Every day I hope that a Shin Kazama F-20 will finally be made because I am terrible at painting things
  5. For me, it would probably be the Thud. I hated the thing with a passion when I bought WoE on Steam, but have recently grown to love the F-105, such a joy to fly fast. Tornado GR.1/4 would be another one, I wasn't a fan of ground attack, and then I flew it in Ace Combat 5, I knew what I was missing. It's now one of my favorite aircraft of all time.
  6. I wish I could do the flight planning that sim had, it still hasn't been beaten in many sims. Flying Low is pretty much impossible in SF2 because the AI can be pretty dumb.
  7. Wait a minute, what's that Ace Combat style HUD, and where can i get it! Mandatory photos from the second mission of Locusta, 24th January. Yes, I'm playing the original release of ODS, when 30th Anniversary is out of Early Access, I'll switch to it, but I'm waiting for the bugs to be ironed out, mainly.
  8. January 20th, 1991, Operazione Locusta Tornado Time.
  9. I am beginning work on the menus and menu music, by far the easiest part, but the part that makes the first impression.
  10. Forward Air Controller, it's a leftover from Wings Over Vietnam, in which FACs (O-1s) would appear on CAS Missions. This isn't simulated in SF2.
  11. Harrier Campaign became pretty much too impossible to complete, so Instead I am Intruding on enemy territory.
  12. Alright, time to lay out a few more things. I'll start by saying that any inconsistencies with doctrine are to keep the upgrades with the spirit of the original campaigns, if those had the superpowers in them, then I should too. Now considering my only mod is menu music, that will likely be where I start, considering the Mercenary mode is heavily inspired by "Area 88" I may likely include a few skins from that (Shin's F-8, Draken, F-5, F-20, Mickey's F-100 and F-14, Kim's Harrier, etc.), but the menu music will be a mix of songs from the 1985 OVA (How Far to Paradise will most definitely be included) and the 2004 Anime (Trance will likely be featured in a few videos as well). Menu designs will be decided later for me.

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