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  1. Only a doubt

    Vickers Vimy, although a fine plane, is not actually a WWI plane. First 3 Vimys were delivevred 31.10 1918. And only 1 was during the war in France. War ended before it was actually used in strategic bombing. Well OK. There were 3 Vickers Vimys in the great war, but their contribution to RAF was insignificant. It was only in July 1919 when delivers to RAF actually started. No offence, but that's what Kenneth Munson's book " The Pocket Encyclopedia of World Aircraft in Colour - Bombers, Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft 1914 - 1919 " says. So perhaps some more numerous planes first?
  2. Dull area's good side is that you learn to fly your plane quite well. And you will get easily over 17 hours of flying time. And by the way. We DH2 pilots do not get roasted. We heroically fly to the glory, and get toasted.
  3. YES! YES! All new aeroplanes are very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. Also, if I remember right rotary engines had sometimes a bit unpredictable fuel consumption. Why would that be beats me.
  5. French made a pre WW1 tv series, and a second season WW1, in 70's. I was a kid when I saw it so , unfortunately, I don't remember how it was called.
  6. I use Hard DM with normal guns. Didn't like hard guns much. Bullets spread so wide that you do not need to aim too carefully. Just shoot to the general direction of EA, and some bullet is bound to hit. Now the model is perfect, atleast to my taste.
  7. I fly with RFC 24. There should be some german staffel in vicinity, but perhaps their activity is towards SW? Maybe..
  8. Hello! My DH2 pilot hasn't seen an enemy plane after 1.28. Good side is that he has now flown over 17 hours and survived. Got promoted too. He is flying in Amiens - Cambrai area in March 1916. I even put TAC on, and on 8 Nmiles. All planes in vicinity are british or french. Very strange. Perhaps there is some kind of gap in German defence .
  9. I use all kind of believable names with an odd non believable. eg. Ruprecht von Weinflasche..
  10. Latter was Al Bowlly. He died in London bombings. Was Fred Astaire the first one?
  11. Yes! That was beautiful! Track IR would sure be nice..
  12. I agree with tttiger. Camel is a bit tame. Atleast I dont need full left rudder in my tight turns. I think that perhaps Camel is a bit too stable from its rudder.
  13. DM: just right after 1.28?

    Too easy in my opinion too. If it were possible to make enemy plane's "target areas " smaller DM would be ok. Otherwise this is the best sim I've ever flown.
  14. Yes. I have Nvidia 8800 GTS 500megs and m- button never crashed my game before 1.28. Something is changed..

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