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  1. Ural-375 Trucks For SF2 Series

  2. Meanwhile, in North Korea

    That whole country needs "Mandatory Fun" shirts!
  3. MSgt D's

    Aircraft from work and so forth. Someday I'll take the time to gather all of my 35mm pictures to digital.
  4. Sikorsky CH-53A / CH-53D Sea Stallion

    Very nice! I've seen nothing but excellence coming from you! My last helo lift from my last combat tour was in Afghanistan Oct 2010 from PB Gorgak to FOB Dewyer was in a 53D from Ugly Angels. Thanks. I have pictures of one stopping in if you'd like. MSgt D 0369/USMC Ret. Ops Chief Weapons Co 3/1
  5. Lahatut Over Israel SF2

    You set the standard on both helos. I'll watch paint dry to see your version of the AH-1T and W. Well done!
  6. USN SAM pack

    Haze grey and underway...THANKS!
  7. F-4E USAF pack

    You're on a roll bud...Thanks for making my game play awsome!
  8. F/A-18 Series By The Hornet Team (BETA!)

    Decal sets missing?
  9. IMG 0554

    San Diego 100 years of Naval Aviation
  10. IMG 0556

  11. IMG 0565

    San Diego...100 years
  12. IMG 0565

  13. IMG 0564

  14. IMG 0556

  15. IMG 0554


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