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  1. It seems that you can select the aircraft from the single mission, player aircraft type section. If the folder name was different from the ini. name the aircraft wouldn't even show in the aircraft list. Go to game options, mission start position and set to in air start. Them try to fly the aircraft. If you can fly it then I do not think it is the aircraft. If it still CTD then it might be your operating system. Gepard has said before that SFP1/WOE was designed for XP. If you are running Vista or Windows 7 or 8 you could have problems. Look up "SFp1 Game Crash" in Forums, Strike Fighters 1 series, General Discussion. Hope you find the answer!!! Best of luck.
  2. When you CTD (crash to desktop) are you flying single missions or a campaign? Have any files been changed for the aircraft?
  3. I need a little help with fuel consumption values in Strike Fighters 1. Are the "TSFC" amounts in pounds or kilograms of fuel? Also, is the usage calculated per hour, minute, or second? Thanks for the help!!
  4. I do not know much about Strike Fighters 2 but in Strike Fighters 1 the aircraft has to be assigned to be used on a carrier. Look in the aircraft's Data ini and under Mission Data look for "CarrierBased=TRUE" entry. If it does not have it, then add it. Back up your Data ini first. I have the Mig-29k and the Mission Data section of its Data ini only lists "MinBaseSize=SMALL" which I do not think will work for carrier usage. Best of luck and hope you get it working.
  5. Sounds like you are missing one engine. Check the aircraft's Data.ini file for: A. Under subtitle Fuselage there should be a system name for each engine such as (Engine1 and Engine2) B. Now go to the Engine subtitle in the same Data.ini file and verify the name for each engine. It must match the names listed in the Fuselage section. C. Next under the same engine section check "EngineID". One should have an ID of 1 and the other of 2. If the above is correct then both engines should have the same SLPower number and the same RPM's. Hope that you get it flying!
  6. Is there a way to have the thrust vector control selected in game by use of the flap settings? I'm trying to use it as a boundary layer control flap system for a F-104. Thanks for any help.
  7. You might check the Data.INI file. Look towards the bottom of the file and find the "Landing Gear" entries. In each of the gear look for "MaxLoadFactor=9.0". If the number is low you can increase the gear strength by increasing the number. If there is no line for "MaxLoadFactor=9.0" then you can add the line for each of the gear. Always back up the Data.INI file first. Sometimes I will add the "MaxLoadFactor" with a lower number to make the gear a little more sensitive for more realistic landings. Best of luck!
  8. Hi, I do not know if it is the same in Strike Fighters 2 but in Strike Fighters 1 the wav. files cannot be in stereo, the sample format should be 32-bit and the rate 11025Hz. http://www.mirage4fs.com/sounds.html may have some wav. files for your project. I use Audacity to review and change wav. files. Best of Luck!
  9. I've only used Strike Fighters 1, I think the engine speed affects the play speed of the Wav. sound file. In Strike Fighters 1 this would be in the aircraft's DATA.ini. file under [Engine]. Look for: SlowPropRPM, FastPropRPM, MaxPropRPM. I have seen engine RPM speeds used, not Prop speeds. Some WW2 fighters had a gear reduction for prop speed. XIV Spitfire Min. Engine RPM in Fligh = 1800 Max. Engine RPM @ Takeoff = 2,750 Propeller gear reduction ratio is about 2:1 (Divide by 2). Min Prop RPM in flight = 900 Max Porp RPM @ Takeoff = 1375 This might lower the play speed of the sound file. I do not know if this would work in Strike Fighters 2. Back Up All Files. Best of luck!
  10. Hi all, Is there a way to add or adjust vibrations to aircraft when shooting its gun?
  11. Try sound mods, page 3, Tupolev Tu-95 by Spillone104. Good luck.
  12. Wouldn't it be difficult because the players would have different mods for their aircraft? Does sound interesting though.
  13. How about WW2 buildings and airfields for a "The Continuation War" scenario using Baltika'a North Cape Terrain? It would be great for prop heads? A dish best served cold.
  14. North Cape Terrain

    Thanks for all great the work!
  15. I was thinking of a gun souund but you cannot tie the two events together. Oh well!

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