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  1. MiG-19P FARMER-B

  2. OH-6A Loaches in NAM

    Damn,Nice Mod !.......Thank's
  3. IL-38 "MAY"

    SWEET !!!
  4. MIG-29 OVT Fulcrum

    @ Artiste : that's why KB section exist at Combatace
  5. Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant ("Giant")

    Woohoow i don't believe this,finally,oh thank you so much Veltro and Team,great work !
  6. Suffren class frigate

    Oh i really love this ship,thank you very much WBS !!!
  7. B-2A Spirit (Version 0.90)

    Love the skin :)
  8. four inlet for two engines,interesting
  9. great works Spillone,finally i have soviet "robot"

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