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  1. Are these two different planes or is it just another painting ?
  2. Two-seaters and P4

    Speaking about ground attack missions: Wouldn't it be nice to have a Junkers J.1 for P4 ?
  3. I meant the config overrides. And after checking and resetting them, I had the season overrides in the QC menu, too.
  4. Thank you. Checking the graphic override settings was a good idea. Now winter is back again
  5. P. S. : I have the same situation in my campaign. It is 2nd January 1917 now and we have no snow...
  6. Is it a bug or a feature? Since I updated to HiTR 1.47, there seem to be no more winter textures with snow. All scenery textures are "green" now. The following screenshot were taken in quick combat mode with different season settings. Is it just a problem with my installation or are there no more snow/winter textures in OFF now? winter : spring: summer: autumn:
  7. masterpieces ! Please give us more...more...more
  8. Is it an early D.F.W. C-Type?
  9. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to all pilots.
  10. never cared about the fuel, I prefer a personal skin. I am sure there will be a solution for this problem so that we can have both
  11. What an excellent support. Thank you, boys
  12. Mission Recorder?

    A big disadvantage of FRAPS is, that you cannot change the viewpoint, zoom factor etc. when viewing the record.
  13. Very cool WW1 video

    One of the FE 2's seems to have the french roundel at the side of the nose section (red outer ring) as the other plane bears the british markings (blue outer ring) ?
  14. Very cool WW1 video

    A very good video. Which type of aircraft is going "Hun Hunting" ? Sopwith Strutter?

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