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  1. MQ-10A Kodiak

  2. Now hes gone................

    I just downloaded the update. It's not the start button of old, it does the same thing putting the mouse in the bottom corner does on regular windows 8 and switches you to the tabs screen only now it's a button always there.
  3. The Lightning is a high-speed interceptor, it's not meant to dogfight. In fact the later models didn't even have cannon!
  4. Are there any enemy airbases for them?
  5. Of course! Just shows it's obviously such a good idea, it needs to be done twice!
  6. Estonian F/A-18C Hornets Damn it Spinners!!!!! Ninja'd!!!!!!!!
  7. You can set a start date for the USN squadrons themselves as well, as they don't have one they and the carrier group will still appear right at the start.
  8. 70 years ago: A Canadian disaster !

    No need for that, their names are very similar afterall. But yes, RIP all the brave people who died that day.
  9. 70 years ago: A Canadian disaster !

    Bit unfair to Monty here, as at this point he was busy fighting Rommel out in the desert! I think you mean Mountbatten who was in charge of Combined Operations.
  10. You need a number with the insignia that matches the number of the nation in the nations list. e.g the USAF is Nation 001 and it's insignia is Insignia001.
  11. Interesting conformal fuel tanks on that Typhoon, it looks great!
  12. If nothing else works, open your mod folder and edit the options ini from ForceDX9=FALSE to =TRUE.

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