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  1. anyone got a link? I did have it on my favourites but recent computer breakage has lost it
  2. Ok had a mad fun idea Does anyone know if anyone has made a B-36 Peacemaker in game? was going to make a RAF version, place it between the Lincoln and the Vulcan I historical reference, but with a twist.. imagine if you will that when Rolls-Royce sold the Nene Turbojet plans to the Russians (not our finest hour ill admit) that we got plans for the Kuznetzov turboprops from the Bear A in the trade, was going to ini mod a B-36 for a bit of banter with the Kuznetzov K2 engines of a Bear bomber just to make a RAF Special Operations variant...
  3. http://combatace.com/files/file/14084-hawker-siddeley-strom-fgr1/
  4. Ok I did s quick search and couldn't spot this so here goes I wanna create an Alternate Desert Storm campaign by modding the current one... a What-If campaign if you will just cant seem to get the Aircraft to show up in the Selectable aircraft list when you create campaign... was looking to make a what-if RAF campaign, using the TSR2 and the Hawker Siddley Storm instead of the Tornado and Jaguar respectively Any ideas how?
  5. will there be a "What If" Bomber version too?
  6. i like the Buck Rodgers interceptor
  7. would you be aiming at a play on Blazing Saddles with this one? as in "we dont need no stinking Badgers!"
  8. i was thinking about that the other day.... is it gonna be released eventually?
  9. File Name: AF2000_SF2 File Submitter: Dreamstar File Submitted: 10 Apr 2010 File Category: SF2 Series Add On Aircraft Russouk2004's fantastic What If aircraft updated to SF2 standards with kind permission Click here to download this file
  10. AF2000_SF2



    Russouk2004's fantastic What If aircraft updated to SF2 standards with kind permission
  11. ive been trying to get the bugger to work in SF2 but its not playing lol.....

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