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  1. Hi there Olham, As you are aware, Bletchley and I did a lot of research as to the Realistic conditions presented in the war, and OFF, and integrating it into the game. We did recommend the Z key use on initial take off, and I am inlclined to think that without TIR, it may be difficult to see the parameters listed. As far as the TAC, if you dont have TIR, then you really need something. Reading "Flying Fury" it was clear that planes could be identified from probably twice the distance that OFF presented, and so even with TIR as adjunct, you are still up against it. Therefor I believe that the settings for the TAC are realistic, and even though the TAC was not recommended, I believe it should be, for the "B" listing. I couldn't imagine flying to the "A" standard and suriviving in the game more than a couple of outings, especially in Bloody April, or any time in 1918. [[Z] Key Use: Recommended: On initial take off to set aircraft up, and calibrate RPM (See OFF- - General Discussion - Sticky: Survival In the Air Series – OFF TAC: Recommended: only for those without TIR. TAC should be set to Aircraft and 1 NM. In addition only the lower 60 % of the TAC should be visible, from 930 to 230, so as to allow the pilot to scan ahead through standard view lines or Zoom. Cheers, Britisheh
  2. TrackIR profiles

    Thanks for both RAF AND LOTHAR'S comments. Will try all three! Cheers, Britisheh
  3. Hi there Scram77, Welcome, and a tidbit for you....education. If you go to the Over Flanders Fields main topic then try landing here, OFF - Survival In the Air Series. It has pilot primers on actually flying the wonderful aircraft in OFF, and some ways to set up your Workshop to derive the most pleasure from your quick and repeated death in the skies. Good luck. Cheers, Britisheh
  4. Hi there RAF Lou, Clearly not an expert of this sort but I just had my :Laptop upgraded with a solid state processor? I think that's it. My, what a difference. Like it so much my PC is going for the same upgrade. My fellow showed me the test results, similar as to what was posted by Tamper, and they were all about 20 - 30% better. Cheers, Britisheh
  5. Replenish Ammo

    Hi there Gentlemen, One delightful passage has led me to remember to add " No Parachute" to my Christmas list. Perhaps it will coincide with OFF P4? It would be two nice presents! Cheers, Britisheh
  6. OT - Footage of Hindenburg

    Hi there enthusiasts, Came across this, not sure if it has been recently broadcast or not, but the speculation is that static electricity was at fault. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/footage-shows-hindenburg-disaster-stunning-detail-185542411.html Cheers, Britisheh
  7. Dear Lads, I'm so glad you picked the Dr.I to show case your talents. Perhaps a moment has been spared to tweak the flight characterists of such a fine craft? Most excellent. Ta. Britisheh
  8. Hi there, Just dropped in too. EMS? For me its Emergency Medical Services....you? Cheers, Britisheh
  9. Thoughts about P4

    Thanks so much RAF for a little humor to go with our despondent outlook at this, the merry time of the year. Cheers, Britisheh
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/motoringvideo/8678227/Vilnius-mayor-runs-over-illegally-parked-car-in-a-tank.html Cheers, Britisheh
  11. Thoughts about P4

    I think that for many WOFF is going to be a nice treat, but many have found adequate replacements. Lothar's idea will help in filling a bit of a gap, but at some point ( I was hoping this Christmas) it is reasonable to put out a product, even if not perfect. The screen shots look incredible, but I am surprised to see it is more than 2 years now that we have been looking at the great upgrades. Cheers, Britisheh
  12. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/map-charts-every-wwii-bomb-strike-london-213414612.html#TE8sXqz Hit zoomable London map shows exactly where German bombs fell A new interactive map shows off the horrifying scale of the German aerial assault on London during World War II. Yahoo! News – Thu, Dec 6, 2012 Cheers, Britisheh
  13. A Prolonged Absence

    OK so life's mission has been a crapper this past while for you. I'm happy because I haven't been shot down in ages. Perhaps its because I'm not flying? Oh well. On Monday my 2004 F 150 went in for a repair. I knew it was going to be expensive ~ $ 2500. I found out that total repairs were likely $ 5200, including brakes, etc. Hmm. So, start looking for newer trucks and think I can trade mine in for ~ $ 5500. Tuesday I had vetted 4 trucks. By 5:00 pm, I found out they had all gone, or just weren't up to scratch. The dealer said they couldn't find anything either. Then, I got a phone call that the trucks engine, was worse than they first thought, when they pulled it all apart. It was toast. New engine cost ~ $ 10,000. Value of my truck = $ 0. When they put it back together so I could drive it of the lot, and maybe even get another month or two out of it, the tension adjusters crapped out, and the engine was really banging. I had to leave on Thursday for work out of town. My wife needs a truck as the family is planning to be at the inlaws for Christmas, some 900 km away, and for our travel trailer, and dirt bikes. Hmm. So, I didn't sleep that night, and got to go to the dentist for a crown prep the next morning. Hmm, fun. After leaving the dentist's I got a phone call. I fairly new F 150 just came in. The fellow who brought it in wanted an upgrade, and he was a wholesaler. He offered me $ 5500 for my F 150. I owed the dealer $ 2000 for the repair. WOW. I'm up $3500. They gave the guy $ 32000 on trade in. They then offered it to me for $ 30,000, which included my trade in, money owing on repairs, and 13% TAX. Its a 2012 F 150 ecoboost Crew Cab 4 x 4 XLT, with Chrome pkg, trailer tow pkg, convenience pkg, locking diff. and 3.5 L V6 twin turbo, towing some 9000 lbs. Retail 6 months earlier, $ 42,000. So, I now, well the bank owns, this truck. I went to work the next day, and my wife is driving home with the kids, dog, and cats, next week. Talk about down to the 11th hour! So, there are miracles. After you get through this spell, you will look back and say how lucky you were to get this sorted out now, and not a year from now. Good luck mate. Cheers, Britisheh
  14. Well, not too many replies even............... I retired and am too busy now. Well, I'm retired from one full time job, working another, and part time at yet another. I hope to get a bit of flying in this week, after about a year hiatus. WOOF will be outstanding of course and I hope I'm still in the game when it comes out Britisheh
  15. Hi there RJW, Her PW had expained what I thought was the issue. Certainly the designation can make a difference in bombing and how the AI respond to being attacked. I think that I set up a mission, the Tondern Mission, using the Sop Camel with a bomb load, and it went fairly well? Good luck. Cheers, Britisheh

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