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  1. Hahahah Stary on Hidding mode :3 Good to cyu back :)
  2. Hi Stary! Do you have a SU-25 Cockpit with a TV Display working? of you do so, ill be very gratefull, need that one to finish my project, ill send you it when its done so u can enjoy it, weights only 5-6 gb and got 80 jetfighters, blessings & best regards! <3 :D
  3. Nice, well i hope you have lot of fun with this last 1.7 project as much as i do. It's intended to get the player on a close to real life jetfighters situation ofc its not so close cause it's a bit arcade but its very enhanced in all means! Hope u like it. Only bad thing its i heard on WOV u can take off from Carriers it should be cool if i worked with WOV components to make FAC missions cause im very perfeccionist. But as u can see i never played WOV only WOE as standalone. I even learned about "FAC" long after i started the project. But excepting that i don't doubt it will give a cool sensation to play it. Best Regards! And im happy to found good ppl who loves Jetfighter games :D
  4. Hi Yubba! Thank you very much on your help, in gratefull of that i want to share my project with you & Combatace web so you can enjoy it as much as i do. Here: Have lot of fun! :D
  5. i think it can be solved, u had almost the 75% done... i really wish you luck! and if you can share it when done ;) i only miss that one and the Fak-Pa. If you need something i can help maybe i got it :) best regards
  6. Excellent initiative sadly i cant fix this for the WOE, due tried this method but its not working... and btw i can support you with USA, UK, RU, GER & Chiness that i found here long ago and an arab created by myslef ofc it doesnt say what the real comm say but i managed to make it fun for a realistic ambient only for fun, and its pretty cool. Ill upload my entire MOD called Sky-Fighters v1.5 on youtube some of these next days. Its finished and for now i have about 65 different aircraft but 80 including so its quite hot. I maded amazing effects, for all specs and a standard config. This work costed me about 2 years but will be my great gift to the community as part of it due lot of guys from here helped me out on this project with their basic aircrafts. So i worked very hard on speed real accurates, engines, effects & enhancing modeling, clouds and terrains + loadouts for making it perfect. And added some good music bands plus entire weapon systems from countries, enhanced AI response on flights and i think it promises a lot. The only problem is i always played only WOE, as a standalone and i learned that also u can play on Vietnam with FAC missions and take off from Carriers. So its quite interesting, to helping you out and we can progress in making maybe a big enhancement to the game, i had a lot of requests from this Mod on my city and some from another countries, USA, Puerto Rico, Chile, Iran, Turkey & Sweden. But only few guys 1 or 2 from each country but its a good start so im searching for any support on this due the only issue i have is that i cant auto-change languages and must be changed manually. This really sucks and i would love to see it working automated so i can help you out sending you those folders so you can use em, and maybe on future u guys can help me out there. Cause its really hard to work alone on a such big project... but so satisfactory when you finish... i had it finished already but it will still being improved for future versions... v1.6, 1.7 etc. Whenever i can il upload it for you! I would love to see it played by friends on network mode (i already did with my brothers and friends and its quite funny) so anyone who help out always will have the full credits and right on this, and im so happy to see here many modders maybe some haver betters mods thanme but im so happy to see pro guys working for that common purpose!!! Gratz! and the best of luck for all you :D
  7. Russian Fighter ops in Syria

    Thanks for the advice: Here its the correct link Greetings :)
  8. Russian Fighter ops in Syria

    Actually i have an own mod, on WOE implemented full of this weaponry. Hope you like https://youtu.be/sB7koUyDmjs
  9. Thank you! i fixed it finally with a weaponsn pack patch that made it compatible. Annyway i started to edit those parameters you said and thats very interesting! Thanks again.
  10. Su-37 Terminator

    It works perfectly in WOE and yes it does the cobra, great job man. (Change order in main SU-37 file to get black texture first its better than the brown camo one, and the superflanker skin is cool too). WH357 Dont replace the LOD and OUT files because they are for Strike Fighter 2 the original files works for WOE.
  11. Multinational Speech Pack

    I created a mini speech in arab is not correct at all but sounds very real, anyway that persian fitts to Iran. Very good pack nice job and thank you buddy ;3
  12. L-15

    Nice work buddy! ;3
  13. Just a tech problem: Try to search the skin folder od the weapon. Dont modify the other things. Make sure the name of the folder is the same name of the model, have you tried if you can fire the misile but only seems fire?... then its that! If not, then its an error on adding the data name or structure, check the WEAPONDATA Numbers , names, Also check the BMP image some of em are 1024x1024 those one doesnt work to me (im using WOE) try to chaange it to 512x512 with paint. If that doesnt work i recomend you to delete it. Greetings!

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