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  1. On behalf of WACO Classic I would like to invite all interested to try their hand at designing the paint scheme for our demo Great Lakes 2T-1A! For info on the WACO Classic Great Lakes 2T-1A project see this: http://www.wacoaircraft.com/great-lakes/ our project blog: http://wacoclassic.blogspot.com/ The demo plane, the first on the production line (S/N 1200) N21GL, will be our show plane and will visit airshows and other fly-ins all across the US. Show us what you got! Contest info http://www.wacoaircraft.com/great-lakes/contest
  2. SayWhatt I am going to be brief 1) Global Security is a legitimate source, at least I was using a world wide accepted source for some data. 2) The DoD and Lockheed Martin have ADMITTED that China has stolen vital data on the F-22 and F-35 that lead to the development of their aircraft systems. 3) I have heard again from legitimate sources that the PLAF was having serviceability problems with their old 3rd gen fighters like those that are copies/developments of the Mig-19 and Mig-21 as well as their bombers based on the Tu-16 and IL-28. I said serviceability meaning how many aircraft they can get in the air (EG into combat). 4) Too many other points I do not have the will to argue over. If you disagree, whatever, have a good evening. Tailwinds, WACO
  3. USN sub inventory: http://www.hazegray.org/worldnav/ Chinese sub inventory: http://www.hazegray.org/worldnav/china/submar.htm NOTE: This list does not show the large number of heavily obsolete diesel 'Romeo' class subs which were completely outclassed over 15 years ago thus today are not very useful (its like the USAF using B-29s today). 20:1 in favor of the Chinese?! Completely false. Now on to the general criticism that prevails in regards to China's airpower: First let me post some info on their inventory of all aircraft systems: Army Aviation http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/china/army-avn-equip.htm Air Force http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/china/plaaf-equip.htm Naval Aviation http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/china/plan-af-equip.htm USofA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_active_United_States_military_aircraft#cite_note-USAF_Almanac-4 NOTE: the wiki article is off at times by a lot but I cannot find the 2011 annual military aircraft inventory list yearly published by Aviation Week. The last time I read that article it indicated over 1,000 F-16Cs alone (not 1,000 combined of all versions) and about 30% more USMC Hornets but had no figures on planned procurement. So with those links out there, I draw your attention to how many extremely obsolete aircraft the Chinese have in service. It is rather startling, eventually yes they will be replaced obviously as the planned procurement schedule indicates. If you look at their aircraft that are equal to the F-15 and F-16, the Chinese are heavily outnumbered. I have also read that the serviceability of these old Chinese birds is rather bad, so a decent percentage of them are not serviceable. 1) The Chinese numerical advantage is really only in rifle men and non existent in most fields and slim in a few. 2) The aircraft and systems they do have borrows heavily from foreign designs. Even the J-20 and J-31 borrow HEAVILY from stolen info on the F-22 and F-35 (according to Aviation Week) as the DoD and Lockheed Martin have been repeatedly hacked. With the tech state of China cleared up, I should also note that this carrier uses a ski-jump which means the big and burly Flanker cannot take off fully loaded unlike US carriers. But consider how much experience the USN has developed over decades of intense and regular carrier flight operations and still today the danger level for USN/USMC carrier pilots is very high in adverse weather & or night ops. Our training curriculum has decades of experience to train new pilots. But also consider the amount of knowledge and experience that even LSOs have and deck hands have in carrier flight ops. The Chinese have a very long way to go before they can safely operate in all of the conditions the USN regularly operates aircraft in. Yes eventually China will reach a level of adverse and night capability, however I highly doubt it will reach the level of the USN/USMC carrier squadrons today...although the massive defense spending cuts heading are way will lower our future capabilities. In short, the US carrier force is where it is today through decades of flight ops and many combat operations/wars along the way picking up the knowledge through a large amount of incidents on/around the boat. I just honestly hope the Chinese get the hang of carrier flight ops without losing too many sailors and pilots. Tailwinds, WACO
  4. Well sooner or later it was going to happen. I am not convinced they will operate at the same level of USN carriers. Launching fighters in calm seas in the day is one thing...but launching and recovering them in the dead of night in pitching seas is another and I bet the USN will remain the only Navy to operate its aircraft regularly in adverse weather.
  5. Il-2 1946 for 3.99$ dollars on GoG.com this weekend

    IL-2 and UP. Best WW2 sim ever.
  6. http://www.keepfififlying.org/ "Keep 'em Flying!"
  7. Happy Birthday Marines

    Happy birthday Marines! Keep kicking ass!
  8. To all the American members here....

    Unless all you know of the candidates and proposals is what is said on TV and memes....then do the US a favor and stay home.
  9. Look at the size of that...buyout...

    Good grief. Starting to remind me of all the mergers in the aviation industry...
  10. Remembering The Fallen

    http://www.hollandsentinel.com/news/x1225370836/Body-of-Marine-Sgt-Daniel-Price-arrives-in-Holland This happened over the summer but I was unaware of this topic in the forums until now. I did not know him or his family. But what I do know is he served with distinction. A Marine and a husband. The annoying Westboro Baptist nimrods TRIED soiling the funeral of Gunnery Sgt. Price. Thankfully our entire town turned out to honor him.
  11. http://www.inquisitr.com/380085/live-sandy-coverage-tomb-of-the-unknown-soldier-remains-guarded-under-fierce-hurricane-winds/ Apparently no storm can stop the 3rd Infantry Division of the US Army from manning their vigil at the 'Tomb of the Unkown Soldier".
  12. Michigan Sunsets

    I am in the Aeronautical Engineering program at WMU (am a senior). Currently am an assistant engineer/ engineer intern at WACO Classic working on the Great Lakes project. Keep an eye out over there, the Great Lakes will soon be in production! ;) By the way, one day I looked over at Duncan from our observation deck and saw a Beech Starship over there. I was a little jealous!
  13. Michigan Sunsets

    Wait....Fates, do you work there? I happened to work there over this past summer. Classes started up again so I have not been able to work much this semester though.
  14. Michigan Sunsets

    Good ol Michigan. I see you are from Battle Creek, there is a very unique aircraft manufacturer at the airport there ;) http://www.wacoaircraft.com/
  15. New Flightsim?

    After the horrid debacle known as MS Flight I am hoping another sim will come on to the scene. Yes there is X-Plane, tried it, hated it for a great many reasons. Fingers crossed this is just the start of something greater!

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