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  1. Parani Air Force Pack 1

    I really dig that Mirage F1 skin bro
  2. North Korea People's Air Force MiG-29

  3. Wow! That looks amazing how'd you'd that so quickly?!
  4. MiG-21PF/PFL/PFS "Fishbed-D"

    Thanks! Finally dedicated Korean MiGs!
  5. SF2: Modern Warfare Korea V1.03 Part1

    Wow I cant believe it, thanks!
  6. I've recently started modding my Copies more and more it really spices up game play but I still need a new fix :P As a result I also want campaigns not just new planes (Probably am asking too much but) for SF2 where do I find 60s to 90s campaigns for Wings over Korea? Sabre and MiG-15 duels are great but I was thinking more Froogfoots supporting T-72s/Chonma-hos while Fulcrums/Floggers cover Fantans doing strike missions, always wanted to try that. Or just have a new place for my F-4s to do operations :D The old timer might get mad that I like hypothetical and what if scenarios, sorry in advanced
  7. Ok thank you that will do for now
  8. Hi I was browsing the Fulcrum mods in search of a NKAF Fulcrum and I did find it but the paint scheme although rather well done did not include a newer camouflage I have found they've used that in it's own right looks pretty cool Maybe its just for airshows? I dunno but my question is can any one make such a skin? I know the answer might be "No" but more importantly how would I my self make such a thing what are the the steps? I was thinking of using the old NKAF Green as a template but then again I've never done this
  9. How to properly use dumb A2G munitions

    Thanks! this is much better than my idea of aiming bellow the static piper
  10. Me being a fighter jock I never got around to learning how to use things like Cluster bombs Iron bombs and high drag ones like the Mk82 snake eye. So now does anyone have like training videos manuals and such for these kinds of munitions? Anything really would be helpful I can't hit most things at all and don't know where I'm going wrong. Takes a smart pilot to use dumb bombs it seems. For reference I'm using F-4s and F-111s
  11. TSF Saab 37 Viggen(*) Flygvapnet Package

    I can't get the 3D files for it, any alternatives on the horizon? Although it isn't my name sake on this forum it is one of my favorite plane's rather underappreciated, wanted to fly it :/
  12. F-35 Red Flag Kill Ratios

    Hi there boss, fancy seeing you here Lets see I this excessive grants some new converts
  13. I've heard the topic thrown around of the late 70s ASF-Interceptor Viggens could track two targets simultaneously but also guide SARH Sky flash missiles at both targets. I have heard of many planes being able to do similar feats with AIM-120s and AIM-54s (to my knowledge predominantly active radar homing, independent of the aircrafts radar after launch) but can any other planes do that with AIM-7s and such also how exactly does that work and what are the repercussions like decreased accuracy and stuff (hypothetically speaking)

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