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  1. Turns out this was the cause of all my problems lately too. Thanks for the fix!
  2. X-posted from the TW forum, but given the lack of activity there, I probably shouldn't expect any help... A couple of weeks ago my SF2 merged install stopped working. I don't know why, but it would simply CTD about two seconds after launching it. I uninstalled the series today, planning to reinstall. During the uninstall process, two of the uninstallers hung up on the "twGameExplorer.exe" part of the uninstall process. I manually deleted the Third Wire folder, and still the uninstallers hung, but otherwise the uninstaller seemed to work. Now that I'm reinstalling, having begun with vanilla SF2, the installer is now hung up on Execute: "C... twGameExplorer.exe". Any idea why? What can I do to fix this? I just rebought the entire series in October (after having bought, and lost, my previous purchases from a few years ago). It's irksome that $200+ worth of games and expansions and DLC isn't working...
  3. Hi I was deployed and away from SF2 for a while. About a month ago, I redownloaded all the installers. Everything worked great on the merged install. Then I downloaded the SF2 NA expansion mod and the OTC mod. They both worked. At somepoint in the last couple of weeks or so, and I'm not sure why as I can't remember doing anything or adding anything, the game CTDs almost immediately after I launch it. I get the "Initializing System... Please Wait..." screen for about a second or two before it just closes out. As I said, it had worked fine up until I tried to launch it today, having not played it for maybe two weeks. I don't know why all of a sudden it stopped working. I deleted everything out of C:\Users\x\Saved Games\ThirdWire I tried launching each title from the exe individually, and it didn't work. Any ideas? I've searched and I found some threads where people had the same problem, but I didn't see any of them posting solutions they may have come across.
  4. Is there a Cheetah available already??
  5. AF Finance NCO awarded Bronze Star

    Issues with the Army/USAF's broken award system aside (I don't think the Navy and Marines have that problem - you can't get a BSM in the Navy without being involved in direct combat)... An E-6 getting a Bronze Star is highly unusual - I would argue that she was probably exceptional and deserved it. Much moreso than the O-3s, O-4s, and O-5s sitting around the HQ who get one because they are O-3s, O-4s, and O-5s. You do not have to be in direct combat to get a BSM in the Army and AF, but I only pay attention to people with BSMs that also have the V device.
  6. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I don't think he ever said he was working on a flight sim for the tablet PCs. It might be something else entirely. In another post he mentioned that he once wanted to make an XCOM-type game.
  8. NAF MiG-17 & MiG-17F

    Very cool. I'll dl anything from Africa.
  9. I've been to Mosul airbase. It wasn't that clean looking.
  10. I haven't used French in years, but I'd semi-guess at "Bre-zhway."
  11. Operation Darius Part 1

    Very cool of you. Thanks!
  12. Now that you mention it, I've never had an S-300 fire at me. I can't even remember if I've had a lock on from the radar.

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