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  1. MiG-29M_SF2_2018

    the file is corrupt, it wont open by win rar
  2. European Air War HD

    i want to play eaw on my laptop , windows 7 using nividia g-force is this file useful ? or what can i do to run the game
  3. Eastern Mediterranean Terrain for SF2

    i download this file, but it dont find runways or taxiways in the aifirelds
  4. do anybody has this file ??? ha-300 egypt
  5. I JUST downloaded ww2 pacific fighters and merged into my strike fighters 2 but i didnt find any carrier takeoff and landings and i asking if a peral harbour mission exists or not ?
  6. how can i see sam missile when chasing me ??? can i change to a camera view to see the missile and avoid being hit ???
  7. when i give an order to my wing man to land in the base, after he lands and touch down he disappears is there any fix for this ??
  8. SF2 video recorder

    ok i will try to dec. the resolution & frame rate thank you all guys, you are so helpful and professionals ;)
  9. SF2 video recorder

    i just installed fraps and it works with me fine, the video is so big in space for example 30 seconds with space 312 MB (is it normal ? )

    which f-16 do i need so i can use this skin on ??
  11. SF2 video recorder

    yea i have nividia G force GT 630M BUT where can i find the shadow play ?
  12. SU-7U

    i thought it was made as per the picture
  13. where can i download SU-7U (two seater) ?

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