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  1. Senator John McCain dies at age 81

    See you on the other side McCain. He was a great guy. I had the pleasure of meeting him 25 years ago when I worked for Flagstaff. He was in it for the people and the country and not fame and fortune. Sad that the NITH is disrespecting him by not keeping the flag lowered or issuing a proclamation.
  2. Do you have a full merged install with all the flight sims? The PTO ship package requires a full-5 install. Also, did you install the WWII Nations.ini? That's required also. Sounds like you're missing a ship object and it's crashing when you get close to visual range. Try cycling through the external views after takeoff and see if it crashes when you cycle to the ship views.
  3. Cold War Movies

    Doctor Strangelove. Slim Pickens riding the A-bomb. Priceless!
  4. What I did on my theater/era specific installs for Korea and Vietnam was to create a subfolder called "Unused Aircraft" in the Objects/Aircraft folder. I just drag and drop the aircraft folders that I think are unnecessary into that folder, and if I find I made a mistake and need one of those later it's easy to cut and paste it back in the main Aircraft folder.
  5. SF2NA comes with an F-4N. If you installed an add-on F-4N you probably have a file conflict with both aircraft data files pointing to the same cockpit.ini file.
  6. I think they turn off radar when you do. Get out in front of them in an aircraft with RWR and turn your radar off and on and see if you get anything showing up from behind you (I also may be thinking of another sim). I have given my wingman and my element attack orders from 15 to 20 miles in Vietnam F-4's and they engaged with Sparrows.
  7. Who Is This?

    The two Canadian aces post war.
  8. Try the Cloder fix first as it doesn't take as much effort (the ATAG mods have to be installed exactly per instructions including reboots, etc., but they are great game improvements). Here's a link. Cloder downloads are at the bottom of the first email by sKYO: http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=36078 Oh, also if you install Cloder, click that icon to start the game and not the original game .exe icon.
  9. Here's a thread covering Windows 10 and COD start up problems: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19207 I installed the ATAG mods and it works for me. The CLODer fix might work. Or reinstalling you video drivers thread may be the fix.
  10. Is the Steam dashboard giving you this message: "Installing: Microsoft VC Redist Package" ,and freeze up or just show a continuous loading icon? Or, does it just crash to desktop?
  11. Waterloo, That's your problem, FE1 doesn't run on Windows 7, 8, or 10. That's why TK reprogramed SF1 to the SF2 series when Windows 7 came out. You can purchase and download FE2 really cheap and it will run on Windows 10. I would suggest you do that.
  12. Huey Flying Around No Music.

    Man, that brings back memories. Don't hear the wop wop of Hueys anymore.
  13. Waterloo, Are you running FE1 or FE2? What is your current Windows operating system?
  14. My two cents, since I have YAP but have not tried it in SF2. YAP is designed for Wings Over Vietnam (WOV), which is a Strke Fighters 1 (SF1) simulation. If you have purchased YAP you could probably use aircraft, etc. in Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam, but you would have to do some conversion (outlined in the Knowledge Base: SF1 to SF2) to do that. There may be some anomalies. I don't think the any of the YAP single mission or campaigns would work with SF2 Viet Nam without major conversions.
  15. As to the abrupt angle looping of the cable above the guns, given that these aircraft were manufactured by different companies and countries, the gearbox that I referred to may have a right angle drive for the tach cable or something like that, causing it to go vertical from the gearbox, or maybe they had to use a cable supplied by a different manufacturer that was too long and had to make it work.

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