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  1. hi guys anybody know the existence of some j-10b or C?, I tried edit them but i dont know much about INIS avionics and etc thanks so much.
  2. YAP3 was intended for WoV and was developed within the limits of it. If there's anything you should do first is try it on WoV on a preferably Win7 operating system. Why on WoV? Because it is the base of the YAP3 work and any support that should be received is from it being tested on its intended base. Trying outside of it will definitely come with unwanted odds and it will be up to the customer to respond for those outcomes.
  3. give me some time to see what I can do with the mod and adjust it to sf2 and I'll tell you
  4. Does anyone know what happened with the TU-160 in development? Did they do it for a campaign?
  5. Cockpit Moving Map Delete Background

    I can not find the change

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