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  1. J-7 Series Fighters

    Thank you very much for these aircraft. Very well done 🖒 I sometimes feel sorry for the pilots of these planes though. In a war they would be fighting Super Hornets, late model F-16, F-15 & F-35s, Rafale & Eurofighters. Are these J-7 aircraft still considered a credible threat?
  2. Message System Update

    Ok, just looked at screenshots. It is clear what it does. All good. 🖒
  3. Message System Update

    It may be helpful to provide a proper description of what your mod does.
  4. Ok it's definitely something I've done. I'll swap out files till I find it. I have a campaign, still testing as I'm not 100% on the movement / strategic nodes etc.. It has: RAAF, RNZAF, RAF, USN, USMC in a coalition against TNI-AU & PLAAF. I've done considerable decal work on both Indonesian and Chinese aircraft, Su-27, J-11, Su-30MK and some others.
  5. Hi mate. Thanks for your fast reply again. Nah it's, all cool. The Knowledge base has been good. I wouldn't call myself new, lolz 😛. New to SF2 yeah, but not to modding in general. I noticed the reference in the TimorNo_DATA.ini to VietnamSEA.cat and I've got all versions installed together. I agree it's weird. I thought somehow the default airbases were being "overridden" by something I'd installed, but it's looking like maybe a _TARGETS.ini problem. I swapped a few objects with newer / updated ones and added China to a campaign I made for it. 😆 I didn't touch Darwin Int'l though or the other airbases that aren't appearing. Gone experiment more.. I'll try installing the terrain again minus any changes I've made. Like I said, it's showing up in TFD Editor so it's really weird .. ☺ *EDIT - STANDBY.. I'll let ya know *
  6. Hi again Menrva. I've been collecting ground objects and everything is going fine. One thing though, (and I'm assuming it's something I've done), several of the airbase types have stopped appearing. Eg: Darwin Int'l.. Building objects at the base are there and the airbase runways etc show in TFD Edit, but not in game. I thought I'd stuffed up your Terrain folder, So I deleted it and reinstalled from original .zip, but still not showing. Some do, some don't. The only real changes I've made are installing new Ground Objects and tweaking graphics.. Any thoughts?
  7. Ok. Scratch that. IT'S WORKING!! I'll get the ground objects from the original. Thanks for your help! 🖒
  8. Hi Menrva. Thanks heaps for your prompt reply. Ok, I've read the Knowledge base articles, got my custom mods folder set up. I've got a full merged install with all the theatres. Updated to July 2013. I've got quite a few mods working, lots of RAAF stuff because I'm from Australia. 😉 I've got your terrain TimorNO in my /Terrains folder in the mod folder NOT the main game folder. But, it just doesn't show. Only the standard Desert, VietnamSEA, GermanyCE, and IcelandNA show up. Strangely, the only other thing not working are decals on F-111 "PIG PACK". All other mods I've installed are ok. It's probably something simple. I'll recheck the folder structure.
  9. Hello all. Thank you very much for this terrain. I'm fairly new to modding, I've installed the terrain as required, but it's simply not showing up. I have a Full merged install without the Exp packs... Is there something obvious I'm missing? I see this is a "redo" of an older terrain. Do I need that older version aswell?
  10. German Air Force Tornados

    Thank you very nice job.

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