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File Download Realistic SA-3 / SA-N-1 Goa Pack Beta 0.1

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sa-3 goa s-125 sa-n-1 neva pechora red side sam


SF2 Realistic SA-3 / SA-N-1 Goa Pack Beta




This pack features the famous S-125 Neva (SA-3 Goa) and its naval version Volna-M (SA-N-1B). The following SAM systems are included:


S-125 Neva (SA-3A, 1961) - The first Neva variant. Limited export.


Volna-M (SA-N-1B, 1967) - First improved naval variant. Only missile included since Kashin ship is a stock stuff. You can use this missile only if you have installed SF2 North Atlantic!


S-125M Neva-M (SA-3B, 1970) - The standard Neva version with significant improvements over the first variant. Widely exported.


S-125M1 Neva-M1 (SA-3B+, 1978) - Upgrade for S-125M. Many S-125M operators received this modernization in the '80s.


S-125 Pechora-2M (2002) - Modern upgrade which included anti-stealth capability, improved performance against heavy jamming and new missiles with extended range.




New features:


- New search and track ranges for fire control radars


- Launchers can perform 360 degree rotation and now all battery launchers can point at the target


- More realistic missile parameters. Some values may be higher due to game engine limitations mainly concerning guidance


- Fuze distances were increased and thus a hit is not a guaranteed kill


- New launch effect and sound


- Guidance was changed from Beam Rider to Semi Active Radar Homing. The basic type of guidance for SA-3 requires target tracking in azimuth, elevation and range
and when launched, the missile flies to a pre-calculated impact point, receiving signals from the fire control radar. This type is very similar to Semi Active Radar Homing.


- Dramatically improved performance especially in low altitude




Things that need to be done:


- 1024x1024 missile skins


- Low Blow model so that we can use the original SA-3 radar instead of Flatface




Known issues:


- Fire control radar can guide only one missile against a single target. Real SA-3 system could guide two missiles against a single target


- Low altitude performance is good enough but not at the desired level. Tests are still going on


- Missiles can fly longer at low altitudes as they tend to reach the Missile Duration time


- Userlist.ini has only Soviet as the only operator but temporarily this is not a problem since they appear as the red side in many terrains. The complete operators list
will be on the final version.






You must have installed SF2 North Atlantic to use the stock missile model otherwise you need to use the 3rd party models (included here).




Check read me file for installation instructions.


Lot of research and hard work was made to make this SAM as realistic as possible.


Keep in mind that is a beta version. When all the issues will be fixed in the desired level, we will have our final version! Stay tuned and enjoy as much as you can this SAM
and leave comments with your in-game experience in the support topic!






SAM Simulator






Flatface and SA-3 launchers.........................Pasko
SA-3 missiles..............................................Thirdwire






16 February 2017


Screenshots Screenshots

eeek more nasty stuff to kill us more efficiently.......hehehehe

Welcome to SAM modding)  You may use my 3D objects, when the RSS SA-3 pack will be out. Also there's a complete userlist.ini for all objects.

Thanks Snail ! Do you plan to make 3D objects for radars, launchers and missiles?

Missiles are WIP already. There will be vans and trailers as well. just question of time.

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