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  1. Sukhoi Su-17/20/22 (Fitter B-C-D-F)

    The Sukhoi Su-17 (NATO reporting name: Fitter) is a Soviet variable-sweep wing fighter-bomber developed from the Sukhoi Su-7.
    It enjoyed a long career in Soviet, later Russian, service and was widely exported to Eastern Bloc, Arab air forces, Angola
    and Peru as the Su-20 and Su-22. It is the first variable-sweep wing of Soviet origin.
    These are earlier models.
    What's In:
    7 Flyable planes
    New Skins, Decals
    Weapons, pilots, sounds
    - original model: Amokfloo
    - first SF-2 pack: Eburger68
    - new templates, skins, decats, tweaks etc: Paulopanz
    - delete any previous version
    - all in your mod folder
    I started working on this plane many years ago. As the model was good I asked only for deleting dorsal antenna.
    All things stopped when someone told me a bigger project was started about ALL Sukhois family.
    In fact I saw a lot of fantastic pictures about it, but years went by and no Sukhoi was realised.
    So I lost any hope about it and decided to finish up my very ancient skinpack using Y. Gordon book.
    This plane has the same dorsal antenna I wanted to delete, but I think is quite good, now in a far better dressing than original one and this is the only one Sukhoi we have to fit in all comunity scenarios.
    I hope you like!



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  2. Swing-Wing Fitters for SF2

    SF2 Su-17/20/22 Swing-Wing Fitters
    This mod package contains a collection of Su-17, Su-20, and Su-22 Fitters, all converted and updated to SF2 standards. Included in the package are all the weapons, sounds, pilots, and seats that you will need to install and use any of the aircraft in this package.
    These aircraft can be used in SF2, SF2E, SF2V, or SF2I. To install and use them, you should ensure that your SF2 installation is patched to at least the Dec2009 patch level. See below for installation instructions.
    To install, simply drag the \Objects and \Sounds folders to your SF2 Mods Folder (NOT the folder that the game installs to). By default your Mod Folder should be located here:
    Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\ThirdWire\[Game]\
    Windows Vista: \Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\[Game]\
    Windows 7: \Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\[Game]\
    ...where [username] is the account you log into within Windows and [Game] is the name of the particular game mod folder that you're moving the files to. If the aircraft are not showing up in your Single Mission Aircraft menu, then you didn't install all the bits correctly.
    Aircraft & Nations Included
    The following aircraft are included in this package:
    Domestic Version Export Version
    ---------------- --------------
    Su-17 Fitter-B n/a
    Su-17M Fitter-C Su-20A/B Fitter-C
    Su-17M2 Fitter-D Su-22 Fitter-F
    Su-17M3 Fitter-H Su-22M / Su-22M3 Fitter-J
    Su-17M4 Fitter-K Su-22M4 Fitter-K
    The following nations are represented:
    USSR Afghanistan
    Bulgaria Egypt
    Czechoslovakia Iraq
    East Germany Libya
    Hungary Syria
    Poland Peru
    For more information on the differences between these various different versions, see the documentation included in \_OriginalReadMes.
    A Few Notes About This Package
    Those familiar with Lindr2's Fitter packages for SFP1 will rightly recognize that this updated package builds on his earlier efforts. Although I have largely followed Lindr2's lead in assembling this package, there are some noteworthy differences between his SFP1 collections and this one:
    1) Limited use of AmokFloo's Su-17M model
    Where Lindr2 used AmokFloo's Su-17M (from 2008) to represent the -17, -17M, -17M2, -20A, -20B, and -22F, I have opted to use ArmourDave's earlier Su-17 model (from 2003) for the -20A, -20B, and -22F. Although AmokFloo's model is arguably better-suited in many ways to stand in for those early export versions, ArmourDave's model has a wider range of skins available to represent the various user nations of those aircraft. Sadly, there appear to be only three skins available for AmokFloo's model. If someone wants to do more skins for AmokFloo's model, I would be happy to release an updated version of this pack to make use of them.
    2) Adjusted weapon stations and loadouts
    Again, I have largely followed Lindr2' lead in this area, but I have adjusted the attachment positions of some weapon stations (esp. on ArmourDave's Su-17 model) and made some changes to the default loadouts for most aircraft. In particular, the loadouts for center fuselage stations needed changes, because with size of the PTB-800 or Tank600_Su-7 drop tanks, there simply isn't enough room to load both tanks and weapons on the front and back fuselage stations. The default loadouts load weapons (rockets, bombs) on all four stations or tanks alone on the rear stations, but never a mix of weapons and tanks on front and rear. Note that the Loadout screen *will* let you load the fuselage stations with weapons and tanks simultaneously -- just don't do that. (And, if you do, don't complain to me about the unsightly result.)
    3) Wider range of skins/nations
    You will find a wider range of skins used to represent more nations. I am not an expert on the operational history of the swing-wing Fitters. Still less am I a skilled texture artist, so I make no claim that these skins are 100% historically accurate in their depiction of these aircraft as used by so many different nations. I did consult online references and looked at quite a few photos while putting together this package, and I do think it represents a general improvement over what was available before. If you've got better data and/or better skins, please do share -- I'd be happy to do an updated, more accurate version of the package.
    Credits & Acknowledgements
    This package largely consists of work done by others and released previously in other packages. All I did was assemble the package, update the bits to SF2 standards, and make minor adjustments and tweaks here and there (discussed above).
    ArmourDave ..................................... Su-17 model & cockpit
    AmokFloo ....................................... Su-17M model
    Lindr2 ......................................... Su-17/20/22 Packs for SFP1 (incl. pods)
    Spectre8750 .................................... bits from his Su-22 Fitter pack for SF2
    NeverEnough .................................... bits from his Su-17M update for SF2
    Gepard, Matt Ouellette, Soulman, Sundowner ..... Skins
    whiteknight06604, & Spectre8750
    ravenclaw_007 .................................. PTB-800 Drop Tanks & SPS-141 ECM Pods
    Spillone104 .................................... Sounds
    The Trooper .................................... Red3203 Pilot
    AleDucat ....................................... Zvezda K-36D Ejector Seat
    If I have neglected to credit anyone, please let me know -- it will be fixed ASAP. Copies of the original documentation for the main components of this mod package are included in \_OriginalReadMes. Any errors in this package are mine alone, so please do report bugs and inaccuracies to the CombatAce.com forum.
    Eric Howes
    10 July 2011


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  3. Sukhoi Su-17/22M4 Fitter K

    I started this work some years ago. Armourdave made a great job.
    My upgrades are fixing some (old) bugs and adding new skins + decals,
    waiting for the promised extensive upgrades.
    My start is from Eburger68 last great enhancement and Y.Gordon's bible.
    What's in:
    SU-17M4 (8 skins)
    - Radar now works
    - Camo 1/2/3 wing paint fixed - other things tweaked
    - Navy, 2 German based, 1 Guards, 1 recon Skins added
    - Decals tweaked and changed
    - Silver one removed as I did not found any
    SU-22M4 (16 skins)
    - 4 PWL + historical decals
    - 4 original Soulfreak German skins + new decals
    - 2 IRAQI (1 old & 1 new)
    - 2 Aghani (1 old & 1 new) + historical decals
    - 1 CVL + historical decals
    - 1 BVVS + historical decals
    - 1 Angola + historical decals
    - 1 VPAF + historical decals
    Some new screens for both, decals randomizers etc.
    Needed sound, pilot & weapons included.
    Some more drop tanks too if You want to build a specific nation plane install.
    - Armoudave for the original model
    - Eburger68 for upgrades
    - soulfreak for SF1 German skins
    - Y.Gordon for serials & references
    - All in main mod folder
    I realy hope that they will be useful for all our scenarios: NATO, SWEDEN, ODS, IRAN/IRAQ, VIETNAM etc. etc.
    PS: if someone (*) was able to remove the tail intake from the vert fin I have re-made the Su-17/22M3 too .....


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  4. Su-17M Fitter-C For SF2

    Su-17M Fitter-C For SF2
    Model and Soviet Camo Skin by Amokfloo
    Desert Camo Skin by Gepard
    HiRes Version of Amourdave's Su-17M Cockpit by Badger
    Engine Sounds by Spillone104
    SPS-141 Pod, PTB-800 Tank, S-5M Rocket, UV-16 and UV-32 Rocket Pods by ravenclaw_007
    Metel Pod and Kh-28 Pylon by Lindr2
    AA-2D and AA-2D1 by Krizis
    Zvezda K-36D Ejection Seat by AleDucat
    Red Pilot by The Trooper
    Hangar and Loading Screen by Epizikl
    SF2 Updates by NeverEnough
    Simply extract the contents of the Su-17M folder into your Mods\StrikeFighters2 folder.
    Shift 0 will open and close the canopy.
    Position and Tail Lights have been added, and the Position Lights move with the wing sweep. The FM was tweaked to correct a tendency for the aircraft to
    flop to one side. It turns out the problem was caused by a negative Ymac value (Ymac = Mean Area Chord in Y axis) for the Right Wing and Right Stab.
    Correcting those two values to a positive value completely eliminated the flopping problem, and significantly improved the feeling of the flight model.
    This bird flies really nicely, and is a real joy to throw around the sky. Amokfloo did a very nice job with the original FM, model, and skin.
    Gepard's Su-20 Egypt Desert Camo skin was altered to use Soviet decals, and would look right at home over an Afghan install.
    The weapon stations and Loadout.ini have been adjusted to reflect the capabilities of the Su-17M Fitter-C version of this distinguished warbird.
    The RWR is audio only.
    This is a very nice model by Amokfloo, and a "must have" addition for any Red Air enthusiast.


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