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Helicopter Cockpits

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  1. UH-1H Cockpit & Gunner Upgrade

    Bell UH-1H Iroquis "Huey" Upgrade
    for Strike Fighters 2
    by Capun (FM), Kesselbut (cockpit, Pilots, ini-modding)
    Unfortunately, game engine is still not quite realistic for rotary wing aircraft, and it does not work nicely
    on Flight Model Difficulty Hard. This does not diminish great thanks to Capun for making best out of it.
    Also keys for thrust vectoring have to be defined.
    Download Richards (Gramps) Astralian UH-1H here:
    copy the UH-1H Folder into your ..\mods\aircrafts folder
    - Cockpit folder
    - UH-1H.ini
    - UH-1H_DATA.ini
    Extract everything contain in this package to your ..\mods\ folder
    This is a freeware addon package. Use it at your own risk.
    Commercial using in any way for everyone is stricktly forbidden.
    Daniel "Kesselbrut" Himmel
    Have fun :)!


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