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  1. RA-5C Vigilante Over Vietnam

    This is simple skin pack for RA-5C Vigilante over Vietnam.
    RA-5C and RVAH squadrons deployed 33 times in SEA during Vietnam War.
    But in this pack you have one painting for every year of service during Vietnam War. Diferent units. Some wil apear twice like RVAH-11 and 12. As extra for 1966 there are two skins. So everything is 12 skin sets.
    Actualy there is not much of skin differences here. Most work is in the decals section.
    Pack includes:
    1965 RVAH-13 USS Kitty Hawk
    1966 RVAH-6 USS COnstellation *
    1967 RVAH-12 USS Constellation
    1968 RVAH-11 USS KItty Hawk
    1969 RVAH-9 USS Ranger
    1970 RVAH-1 USS Ranger
    1971 RVAH-11 USS Constellation
    1972 RVAH-7 USS Kitty Hawk
    1973 RVAH-5 USS Ranger
    1974 RVAH-5 USS Constellation
    1975 RVAH-12 USS Enterprise
    * Here are two paint schemes for one year. First works from January to June second July - December of 1966.
    At the beginig all 6 aircrafts of unit were paintet in experimental camo. Later they chenged to original grey over white paint scheme. So here in single mission pack green camo will apear only unitl end of June 1966 and then standard grey/white camo for RVAH-6.
    All serial numbers are historicaly correct and matched with modex number. (Hope)
    If I was not sure or have no information about number/modex it is marked on number.lst file.
    During service many RA-5C were lost. My tailnumbers mostly are original unit deployment before any replacemnt was done.
    All skins are original from Julhem exelent RA-5C Vigilante V3.0.
    I just resized skins and converted them into jpgs. Also I repainted some areas near cockpit. (new rescue arrows,danger triangles etc. and some stenciling)
    All decals are my work exept tail template for RVAH-5 (NE and red arrow on tailfin - this comes form original Julhelm pack)
    As always I was trying to put reference photos of real aircrafts. It is inside of each skin folder.
    RVAH-6 green camo is my "repaint" of original skin thanks to Julhelms templates.
    Unit badges are painted on skin. But there are also disabled decal.tga included in decals folder.
    Enjoy and report bugs.
    Jarek Hereda
    I made strobe pod for RA-5C. with experimental flash/strobe effect. Not satissfied full about but it is uploaded. It works as RP so you got only 64 strobe shots.
    Effect should be fixed so it will be just quick instant shot.
    I was thinkin about creating new proper 400gal fuel tanks for A-5/RA-5. But maybe next time.
    RA-5C tailcone. - Via fake pilot I've added tailcone. So no need to load/unload empty fuel pack. It will always apear on aircraft. I like it this way.
    Added Aircraft Data.ini file with correct lines for adding strobe pod and fake pilot tailcone.
    If you don't like it - do not use it.
    Fixed chaff/flare positions.
    thanks to Julhelm for templates and RA-5C model.
    Aerophax MInigraph 09 North American Rockwell A3J A-5 Vigilante
    Naval Figters 64 North American A-5A RA-5C Vigilante
    Osprey Combat Aircraft RA-5C Vigilante Units in Combat
    and many more that I dont remember at the moment.


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  2. RA-5C Skinpack

    This package contains improved skins of the RA-5C Vigilante.
    - Thinner and less visible panel lines, different weathering than the original skins.
    - New squadrons with tail art and new decal tail numbering for each new squadron
    - Now you can match this bird with more USN tailcodes in the game
    RVAH-5 "Savage Sons" tailcode NE (was already present in the original)
    RVAH-6 "Fleurs" tailcode AJ
    RVAH-6 "Fleurs" tailcode NG
    RVAH-6 "Fleurs" tailcode NH
    RVAH-7 "Peacemakers of the Fleet" tailcode AE
    RVAH-11 "Checkertails" tailcode AA
    RVAH-12 "Speartips" tailcode AC
    RVAH-13 "Bats" tailcode NH
    The tail artwork is painted on, so no decalling. Unfortunately when decalling over the fold section of the tail, the upper part of the decal disappears. But I drew the art in 2048x2048, that way it still looks ok in the game.
    First install aircraft. You can find it here:
    Then download this pack and from it, paste the "Objects" folder in your SF2 mod folder and overwrite.
    (The original RVAH5 folder won't be overwritten as I renamed my version RVAH5_NE)
    Original credits:
    Model, Textures and Weapons: Julhelm
    FM: Fubar512 & Column5
    Cockpit: Kesselbrut
    Avionics: Moonjumper & Julhelm
    V1.1 update by STORM
    Original templates by Julhelm


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