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NATO Fighters IV+: Post-Dec2009 Update Pack # 2

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NATO Fighters IV+: Post-Dec2009 Update Pack # 2



This package contains a second update pack for the NATO Fighters IV+ (NF4+) add-on designed for "Strike Fighters 2: Europe" (SF2E) from ThirdWire. It does several things:


1) Updates the NF4+ add-on to make full use of SF2's

new radar, ECM, ARM, and ECM pod capabilities.


2) Adds a number of new aircraft and ground objects.


3) Adds several new textures to existing aircraft.


4) Adds or updates over 100 weapons and guns.


5) Fixes or updates numerous other files in the

original NF4+ mod.


This update pack should be applied to SF2E/NF4+ installations that are patched to the Dec2009 or later patch level -- including Feb2010, Mar2010, May2010, or Jun2010 -- and that already have the first update pack applied. If you are running SF2E at the Jun2009b patch level and do NOT intend to update to one of the later patch levels mentioned above, you should NOT apply this update pack.






Before installing this update pack, please ensure that:


- your SF2E installation is patched to at least the Dec2009 patch level;

- the original NF4+ add-on is installed;

- the first update pack (or patch) is applied to your NF4+ installation.


The four original NF4+ installation packages can be obtained from CombatAce:




The first update pack can also be had at CombatAce:




The latest patches for Strike Fighters 2 can be downloaded from ThirdWire:




Installation of this update is simple: copy the contents of the \To_Mod_Folder directory to your SF2E Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.


Please note: This update does install revised campaign files for the 1979 campaign. If you are in the middle of a 1979 campaign, the new files will break your campaign. You can either delete your in-progress campaign or hold off on installing the new campaign files until you have finished your current campaign.



Changes, Fixes, & Additions



Radar/RWR/ECM SF2 Updates


Corrected, fixed, or added as needed:

- aircraft radar data & family designations

- aircraft RWR statements

- TEWS RWR lists

- aircraft internal jammer data

- ECM pod data

- ARM missile data

- ground radar data & family designations

- TEWS RWR display .TGAs


New Aircraft


- F-106A Delta Dart

- RF-104G Starfighter (KLU)

- Su-11 Fishpot-C

(* note: new aircraft not added to campaigns)


New Aircraft Skins


- F-104G: 4 Stormo (AMI 1963)

- OV-10A: USAF Camo


New Ground Units


- ChaparralL/G

- Roland


- Sidenet

- Spoonrest

- Stinger Site


Other Updates/Additions


- made minor fix to 1979 campaign

- added custom Gau-8 cannon sound

- added AV-8 pilot

- added around 100 new weapons

- fixed/updated around a dozen other weapons

- added 4 new custom guns

- numerous fixes to various aircraft






As noted above, this update pack adds a number of new items to the NF4+ add-on. These new items are from the following modders, who generously allowed their use:


Pasko and Column5 ................... Su-11 Fishpot-C

Pasko, Column5, & Kesselbrut ........ F-106A Delta Dart

Bobrock & Stefano ................... F-104G/RF-104G skins

JSF Aggie ........................... OV-10A USAF Camo skin

MontyCZ ............................. Hardened Stinger Site

Gabilon ............................. Roland

Pasko ............................... Chaparral, SA-3 DL/QL, Sidenet, Spoonrest


Credit for the original NF4+ add-on goes to Column 5, Dave (USAFTML) and the rest of the NF4+ team. For a list of all the modders whose work is used in the complete NF4+ add-on, see the original ReadMes included in \OriginalReadmes.


If we have neglected to credit anyone here, please let us know. We will get it fixed ASAP.




eburger68 & Dave (USAFMTL)

8 Sept. 2010

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