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New Zealand A-4K Skyhawk Pack for SF2 Re-dux MAJOR UPDATE 14/02/11

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MAJOR UPDATE: 14/02/11


Thanks to alejandro all 3d models are now correct. Squared off tail fin, braking parachute, varies aerials and antenna unique to the New Zealand A-4K Skyhawks have now been added. Due to the way they have been created with the fake pilot method an overhaul was required. I have also re done the markings on all skins, things such as walkway lines, stencils, warning markings etc are now historically accurate. A few other minor faults have also been corrected.


When you re install this mod you will need to delete all previous RNZAF A-4 aircraft folders (A-4_70, A-4_72, A-4G_RNZAF, A-4_Kahu and A-4_Kahu_II) and override all files when you install it.



This is the ultimate Royal New Zealand Skyhawk pack updated from my old Royal New Zealand Air Force A-4K Skyhawk package for Strike Fighters 2.After doing some major research for a RNZAF Skyhawk model kit I decided to upgrade my previous RNZAF Skyhawk pack but realising how much needed to be changed I decided to throw it out and create an all new far more historically/ technichally accurate pack.





* 5 different versions with separate models (all stock Third Wire) that cover the major changes to the airframes over the 30 years it was in service.

- A-4K_70 Original 10 single seater Skyhawks introduced in 1970 with avionics humps (empty) and straight refuelling probes.

- A-4K_72 Around 1972 the fleet started being retrofitted with angled re-fuelling probes.


- A-4K_85 In 1985 the fleet started being repainted in Euro 1 camouflage.

- A-4K_Kahu In 1986 a modernisation project was started that saw the removal of the avionics hump, an AN/APG-66NZ radar installed along with a glass cockpit, HUD, ALR-66 RWR, ECM, countermeasures and modern weapons capability.

- A-4G_RNZAF In 1984 New Zealand purchased 8 A-4G Skyhawks from Australia that were eventually converted to the A-4K Kahu standard.



* Over 24 different skins that cover all models of Skyhawk in New Zealand service from 1970 to 2001. Most are for the entire fleet but some are for specific aircraft with an unusual feature/ scheme etc.


* Use of the ‘StartDefaultDate=’ feature ensures a historically accurate skin is automatically selected depending on what year you choose to fly.


* 3 different pilot models that cover the change in flight gear over the years.


* Extensive RWR.TGA files and updated RWR.LST


* Historically accurate serial numbers depending on the time period and aircraft type.


* Files and instructions to integrate the RNZAF A-4K into two of the the NATO fighters campaigns.


* Data.ini files reflect my research into the actual A-4K and it's features.


* Opening cockpits 'shift' + '0'

* Working landing lights.


* Reflective white strips added to some skins of late model aircraft as seen on real aircraft.





Note: Only tested in an all SF2 games merged install however it will work in some of the others as long as they have the right Third Wire A-4 models.



* Historical:


-Simply put files from the ‘Main RNZAF A-4 pack’ folder into the appropriate locations in you mods folder. Override when prompted.




* Extras:


- To add the RNZAF Skyhawk to the 1979 and 1986 NATO fighters campaign put the files from the ‘NATO fighters campaign’ folder into the correct place in your mods folder and override when asked. You will need to back up your campaign files first. You will need NATO fighters IV installed up to the Post-Dec2009 Update Pack # 3. http://combatace.com...-update-pack-3/ You will also need Alternate 1986 Red Storm campaign for NATO Fighters 4+ Dec 2009 Patch and Beyond by Dave installed for the A-4K to work in the 1986 campaign. http://combatace.com...tch-and-beyond/ This is because that is what I had installed when I edited the files to add the A-4K and those are the files I’ve uploaded here.


- Fictional and What if skins: This will add a series of grey, Red flag and desert storm skins. Put the files from the ‘Fictional and What if skins’ folder into the correct locations in your mods folder.


- A-4K II: In the ‘Proposed A-4K II’ folder is an additional aircraft that represents Phase II of the Kahu upgrade project. In 2000 when the F-16 was selected as a replacement for the Skyhawks an alternative option was also put together by the RNZAF which was Phase II of the Kahu upgrade done in the 80’s. These additional upgraded would involve a self designation capability for the LGBs, a new anti-ship missile and a new ejection seat. To this end the Litening pod had been selected and would have been migrated to the F-16 program if it had continued. To install simple put the files from the files from the ‘Proposed A-4K II’ folder into the correct locations in you mods folder and override.



Credit: Third Wire for the game, James Fox for his RNZAF skins & decals that I used as a base and wilco for his angled re-fueling probe mode for the A-4K_Kahu & landing lights mods and alejandro for the 3d mods to make it a true K model Skyhawk.


Note: I've deleted the old RNZAF A-4K Skyhawk Pack for SF2 as this replaces it.






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