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F-104S pack for SF2 1.0

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Lockheed / Aeritalia F-104S pack for Strike Fighters 2


This mod recreate the 5 variants of the italian version of the Starfighter


F-104S CB: Fighterbomber variant with M61A1 gun.

F-104S CI: All weather interceptor variant, no gun and capable of carring 2 AIM-7E and 2 AIM-9B

F-104S-ASA CB: Updated FB variant with better ECM.

F-104S-ASA CI: Updater interceptor variant capable of carring 2 Aspide and 2 AIM-9L missiles and better ECM

F-104S-ASA-M: Last conversion done to keep the aircraft in service till EF-2000 introduction into service. Lighter, with updated avionic and other systems. No ECM or countermeasures and same armament as the ASA-CI version.






You need SF2E to have the stock F-104G






Simply copy all the files in the respective directory of your game folder.

"User"\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2






Added 3D details, Fuel tanks, INI work, flight model, sounds and effects: Spillone104

Texture and decals: Steve_S and Bobrock

Cockpit: Starfighter2

MK_GQ7 seat: Ravenclaw007

Fake Pilot mod: FastCargo


BETA testers: Aleks, Canadair, Spitwulf, Silverbolt, Starfighter2, Steve_S, The Test Pilot


Inspired and basically based on the work of Crab_02 for the old F-104S mod.


Thank you all guys!



Legal stuff:


This mod is freeware. Commercial use is not allowed.





Enjoy and good flight. :)


January 2012



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These look great!! but Wing-tip fuel tanks do not show in loadout options. In fact, no fuel tanks show up as available loadout options. FTs are in the weapons folder .I can see" FT" in the Left and Right WingtipStation2 entries.


Is there an error in data ini for the wing tip and underwing fuels station entries or am I missing something?


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