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A-7E(74) Lo-Viz Skin/Ini Pak for SF2/SF2NA

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About This File

A-7E Corsair II (74) Skin Pak


= For SF2, Full-5 Merged Required; and/or SF2:NA -ONLY!!- =


Again, as stated above this is for the stock 3rdWire A-7E_74 ONLY!! If you do not possess SF2NA (or other games that may have this aircraft accessable), DO NOT download this mod, as you will =NOT= be able to use it.


However, as the standard or garden variety A-7E shares the same mapping (as do all the 3W Corsairs), it is VERY possible that these skins would be usable on them, with a simple rename to fit. BUT...as the stock A-7E has an end-of-service-date of 1976, that may be a moot point.


Read on...


This pack contains 2 new "TPS" lo-viz skin and decals sets. These skins were created from a new Home Grown Template ™ and are in JPG format. The templates will also be available for use, once I upload them.


Also included are slightly modified Data and Loadout inis. The wingfold (which was NOT active at ALL before) and canopy are operated via manual animation keys; the Usual Suspects - Shift/0 for canopy and Shift/9 for wingfold.

The loadout ini includes some changes to standard dumb-bomb loads, giving you a bit more striking power.


As I like to have Altantic & Pacific Fleet squadrons represented by at least one skin each, the skins in this pak are:


VA-25 "Fist of the Fleet" (circa late 80s/early 90s)

VA-46 "Clansmen" (in the Corsair's final deployment during Desert Shield/Desert Storm)


These skins BOTH have the "StartDefaultDate=" set for 1982, an approximate date based on my research. This will OVERRIDE any other stock skins, so be aware of this fact. This was done for historicality, and to encourage other skinner/decalers to step up and fill in some of the gaps. Get to it people!


All markings on both are decals, making it MUCH easier for other squadron to be created in the Lo-Viz scheme. Almost all decals are new; some are repurposed from other mods. The 1st 10 Bunms for the Clansmen are newbuilds, based upon BuNums from a FOTF original skin.


I think the Corsair II is a very overlooked aircraft, and it's time to give it a little love.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them before installing! Please browse the Notes section for other illuminations.


Good Hunting!


kevin stein

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