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The Eastern Front v2.0

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About This File

Fighting on the Eastern Front in World War I was much different from the fighting in the west. The Eastern Front was much longer, troops were spread out more, and there were fewer roads and villages than in northern France and Belgium. The front moved back and forth more quickly and more often in Eastern Europe.


In the air, recon, artillery spotting, and ground attack missions were the most common. There weren't as many dogfights, and squadrons rarely went hunting for enemy planes.


The purpose of my campaigns is to capture a sense of the war on the Eastern Front. I am not trying to re-enact any particular battles. I'm just trying to create the correct mix of planes and missions to approximate the way the war was fought.


This download consists of three campaigns in the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, near the Russian Ukraine.

  • 1915, takes place in the late spring and roughly corresponds to the German/Austrian Gorlice-Tarnow Offensive in which the Central Powers took back the land they had lost at the start of the war. (Austria on the offensive.)
  • 1916, takes place in the summer and roughly corresponds to the Russian Brusilov Offensive in which Russian forces took back a lot of what they had lost in 1915. (Russia on the offensive.)
  • 1917, takes place in the fall, after the Kerensky offensive and before the October Revolution and represents the closing months of the war in the east.


Everything in these campaigns is available at the CombatAce site.


Installation instructions are in a separate file. Please read the notes for special information about some of the planes.




Many people have made this project possible. Some of them worked directly with me, and others have made things which found their way into this campaign. In particular, I wish to thank:

  • ojcar for his continued support, for making all the FMs for all my planes, and for providing the inspiration for this project.
  • sinbad, who made some planes and several skins for the Russian planes and who beta-tested the whole thing.
  • quack74, for making skins, providing resource materials, and for beta testing the campaigns.
  • whiteknight06604, for making skins and providing resource materials for the Eastern Front.
  • Monty CZ and EmlD, for letting me make skins and mods for their planes.
  • Laton, Bortdafarm, p10ppy, christian59, and geo for their planes and ground objects.
  • von Deutschmark, gumpy, Saltfiskur, and gambit168 for their skins.
  • Peter01 for his FMs.

And thanks to everyone at Combat Ace for their support, suggestions, and inspiration.


Changes in Version 2:

  • I have corrected the way Squadrons are named and eliminated duplicates so all aircraft should display correctly in the menu screen.
  • I have replaced some planes and included new planes, skins, and ground objects.
  • I have adjusted all the Strategic Nodes to get ground units positioned correctly. There should be no more AA guns or troops inside buildings anymore.
  • I have made changes to the mission parameters for many of the planes.
  • I have made new start screens for the campaigns which display while the campaign is loading.

What's New in Version v2.0


  • Jan 19, 2013 - Version 2 includes new planes, skins, ground objects - fixed problems with squadrons and ground units.

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