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Operation Joint Effort

By Jonathan R Lundkvist



1964: In response to increasing pressure from the Japanese Government, arrangements are made to establish a JSDF Airstrip on Guadalcanal.


1967: Black Raven Steel & Industries begin purchasing up Aircraft designated for scrapping. In the coming years, they get major contracts for ISDF & French Air Force Super Mysteres & USN A-4B Skyhawks / A-1H Skyraiders.


1969: Henderson Field on Guadalcanal becomes operational as a military base and is chosen as the base for the 8th Hikotai.


1974: The CIA are given a tip that there is a Mercenary Organisation trying to acquire Fighter Jets. No leads are found and the matter closed.


1976: A large stockpile of weapons are stolen from a Soviet outpost. This raid is followed up by armed attacks upon other outposts, resulting in more weapons being stolen. The Soviet Union tries to cover up the events.


Dec 1978: Black Raven Security Services announce themselves to the world, offering military skill and lease of their equipment to the highest bidder. They operate from several of the Solomon Islands.


Jan 1979: Both US & Soviets declare Black Raven Security Services to be Mercenaries and in direct conflict to the interest of their respective nations.

They also blame each other for the situation.


March 1979: During a UN Security Council session, the US declares they will solve the issue by military force. The USSR surprises everybody by joining the endeavor.


April 1979: The Black Ravens offer a ultimatum to the JSDF. Surrender the Air Base or it will be taken by force. The JSDF refuses. The Australian Navy joins the Task Force.


1th of May 1979: The Task Force arrives at the Solomon Islands...


Flyable Aircraft:


F-14A, F-4J, F-8J, A-4F, A-6E, A-7E

Soviet Navy:


Soviet Air Force:

MiG-23M, MiG-23ML, MiG-27, Su-7BM, Su-7BMK, MiG-21Bis

Australian Navy:


Japanese Self-Defence Force:




Unzip everything into your Strike Fighters 2 Mod folder of your choice.

This can be found in C:\Users\(Yourname)\Saved Games\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters 2 or similar for W7


If you do not have any mod cockpits, unzip "Aircraft Cockpits" into "Objects/Aircraft".


This mod REQUIRES SF2,SF2 Vietnam, SF2 Europe, SF2 Israel & SF2 North Atlantic.



It is recommended you own the A-4G & F-4EJ DLC, but not required.

You can chose to use our choice of cockpits, or download your own.



Solomon Islands Terrain.

Terrain by Edward, adjustments by Wrench

Tiles by Stary


HMAS Melbourne

Carrier by Hinchinbrooke, SF2 Updates & Reskin by Paulopanz


Stay Calm and have fun!

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i need to have one version of strike fighters? or all of them?

I am not sure, but I think is necessary all mentioned versions above.

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Hi there. I downloaded this mod but I can't turn the Mig-23 radar on. It's something that I do wrong? How can I fix it?

Excelent mod, anyway.

Edited by kekosam

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