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Ace combat----------X-02 wyvern Final

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x-02 Wyvern


Fictional fighter-Come From Ace combat


In the late 1980s, the Federal Erusian Navy issued a request

for the development of a new combat aircraft that could also

be used by the Air Force. Preliminary blueprints of the new jet,

named the "X-02A", were completed by late February 1987,

and its maiden flight took place in 1998. Production continued

until the start of the Usean Continental War; Erusea planned to

use the X-02s for the defending squadron of the Stonehenge

network, but controversy was sparked from opposition groups

questioning its superiority to conventional aircraft.


fictional information not true!


Perhaps some unknown problem of air data,

animation key 10 - to open the cockpit door

It can use the in sf2,copy sf2-3dmodel x-02 to wyern File

Will reach a speed of Mach retractable wings animation,

Such as F/A-37

ctrl+o --------- open AIM-9x door

The mian weapondoor will auto open

If your version is sf2 download seat files

unless If you make skin need,Please not use decal.ini


lotsbiss's 3dmodel

edit 3dmodel by myself

Data by myself

cockpit use Bongodriver's EF2000 cockpit

2014.4.28 I Rewrite two INTERNAL station(AIM9x station),you can see the picture



I hope you like it! Thanks


frtn 2014

What's New in Version Final


  • model fix (Very Important)
       ~ Rewrite the Data 


Ace combat x-02 wyvern.7z

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Everybody,If you use it in sf2,

please open COCKPIT.INI



Position=0.0,6.75,1.17   change it   use  Position=0.0,8.8,1.0



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Nice fictional bird.


I have tested it (work pretty well in SF2) : I lowered the drag values of the surfaces, increased dry thrust, ............ now it's really fast, and with supercruise. I had to lower the PitchDamper to 1.0, otherwise it was unstable at supersonic speed at low altitude.

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