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SF2 F-15C OANG Add-On for the SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018 Pack - The Mudhen Team 1.0.0

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About This File

SF2 F-15C Oregon Air National Guard Add-On for the SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018 Pack - The Mudhen Team
Please note that this pack is not compatible with the Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack...You can make it work with some tweaking, but this pack was designed as an "Add-On" for the "SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018" Pack. Please do not install it and expect this pack to work with the Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack because they are both F-15 packs...
You can install this pack "As-Is" (but not over Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack, see above), but you need the "SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018" pack to fully enjoy this pack. If you use it as a stand-alone, some weapons, effects or other things may\will be missing. You will have a flyable plane, but miss out on some bells and whistles. I recommend the full pack below.  
You can get the "SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018" pack here...



What is in this pack:

1) 4096x Skins in JPG format and decals for the 114th Oregon Air National Guard - as requested by JosefK! Enjoy!
2) Repainted Cockpits by Viper63a and RWR list by Spudknocker.
3) Updated Data and Loadout files from Spudknocker and Fanatic Modder.
4) 1920x1080 Hangar.jpg, Loading.jpg and Loadout.tga files.
5) Excellent new weapons and ejection seats from Ravenclaw_007!
6) Excellent Florian Pilot upgrades by JAT81500!
** Included Jets: F-15C From the 114th FS, 173rd Wing Oregon Air National Guard. Please note that the plane serial# are generic and randomized.
** Extras package contains: PSD Template and pix I used to make the plane.
** This is an "Add-On" for the "SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018" Pack. I have not tested this pack as a stand-alone. It should fly and work, but you may be missing some weapons in your load-out, effects or other things. I recommend that you install the "SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018" Pack first. At least the "Effects" and "Weapons" folders from the pack.
>> WARNING! I have not tested this pack with Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack...Pretty sure there will be problems, so I do not recommend installing this pack over the Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack. If you want to test it out,  rename the  "F-15C_02" folder in your...Objects\Aircraft mod folder...if it exists. You can then install this pack. You may be missing some weapons or effects, but you should be able to test fly the plane. After you're done, you can rename the folders back or reconcile the folders to get this pack to work with Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack.
!! First and always - BACKUP! If you have "F-15C_02" folder in your Mod folders...Objects\Aircraft and Decals folders...Make a copy or back it up before installing.
** To install, Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
Add F15 SoundList
** Lastly, this is optional but highly recommended. Read the "Add F15 SoundList.txt" readme file on adding the F-15 sound files included in this pack to your "Flight\SoundList.ini" file.
Thats it - Enjoy!
Please report any bugs or issues via the "Support Topic" link...
The Mudhen Maintenance Team 2016
Viper63a - Upgraded Skins, Decals, Cockpit and Menu Screens.
Spudknocker - Upgraded Flight Model and Weapons Loadout.
Fanatic Modder - Upgraded Flight Model and Engine Emitters.
Crusader - Upgraded and added 2012 FM and Cockpits to pack!
RavenClaw_007 - Freaking insane Weapons and Ejection Seats!
JAT81500 - For the excellent Florian Pilot upgrades!
Hi Ho Silvers - AfterBurner Mod.
Nengajyou Aki -JASDF Serial Decals.
Stick - Beta testing and assistance with FM - THANK YOU!
April 2016
Salute to the 2010 F-15 Super Pack Team for the original
F-15 Super Pack!

TK - For the ThirdWire series of sims.
The Mirage Factory - For the nice F-15D MSIP aircraft...in particular Flying Toaster, wpnssgt, and Dave for making the F-15 MAX files available for me to play with.
Kei Nagase - For the awesome skins for the F-15 ACTIVE.
AleDucat - For the nice ACES II ejection seat models.
Deuces - For the F-15 Afterburner and weapon effects.
Fubar512 - For the FM work.
JimmyBib - For the F-15C cockpit flight control textures.
MoonJumper - Avionics work.
Sundowner - Textures.
USAFMTL/Dave - Decals.
Wpnssgt - Models, Textures.
Kesselburt - Original F-15C cockpit.
Kout - Loading and Hanger Screens.
Kct - Textures and decals for the F-15SG.
Brain32 - Improved/new textures for F-15C cockpit.
Mago - F-15E Cockpit.
331KillerBee - SF2 Weapons Pack (basis for some of the weapons included).
Lexx Luthor - Siberian Sky Experimental 3-D Rocket Exhaust
JAT81500 - F-15E Cockpit avionics and HUD work.
To my fellows at Combatace for helping me beta test and work out bugs.
Any errors or mistakes are entirely mine.
12 Jan 10

What's New in Version 1.0.0


* Version 1.0 - 2018\06\17
1) Added some more pix, no pack changes


* Version 1.0 - 2018\06\12
1) Tweaked the skins for more accuracy
2) Added some wing-men!
* Version 1.0 - 2018\06\11
1) Initial release for JosefK!!

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I updated some pix and now it waiting for admin approval...sorry about that. Didn't think updating pix would require admin approval...

Thanks for the comments! Glad you like the new bird!


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