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B-58A Hustler Redux 2018 (Wrench 2013) 1.0.0

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New\Updated 2048x skins, Decals & Reverted F-106 cockpit...
Added 1920x Hangar and Loading screens...
New\Updated pilots...
All ini files are mostly the same...
All credits to the original creators in the original readme (below)...I just polished it.....
>>> Please backup and delete your mod folders: "B-58A" in \Objects\Aircraft and \Objects\Decals folder...or you will not see the new skins...
Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts...
Original Readme:
B-58A "Hustler"        7/8/2011
-- For SF2, Any and All --
This is a modification of Pasko's B-58 Hustler, to bring it more in line with SF2 standards.
If you have the 2009 SF2 Update, just install this directly OVER your pre-existing folders, allowing the overwrite. If you don't, don't worry about it.
Two skins are included (the same basic skin used twice), with all new 100% Historicaly Correct (tm) serial numbers, listing each operational aircraft that served with the 43rd and 305th Bomb Wings. Unfortunatly, I was unable to break them down each into which served with each of the 6 Squadrons in the 2 Wings, but this should do nicely.
There are also 2 cockpits included:
The original SF2 mod by Dave (USAFMTL), that uses the F-106 pit and,
An extensivelly modified F-4 Phantom pit (stock 3W ini only -as the cockpit exists in all versions of the game). This one makes use of many 'moves' to drop items out if sight, and uses the physical external model for the windshield framing.
Neither one is perfect ... this is elaborated further in the "Notes" section, with instructions on what to switch or turn off in the various inis; depending on which you choose. Right now, it's using the Phantom pit, as it really is quite a bit closer than the 106's.
In the Loadout ini, several alternate loadouts are listed. These can be accessed from the 3rdWire mission editor screen (for post-Expansion Pak 2 users). Other ini edits repositon the running & landing lights, add 'virtual' flaps (as this aircraft made use of drooping elevons -without the original source file this is impossible to duplicate-), minor engine adjustments, and avionics tweeks. It could also stand a slightly improved FM; the changes and other comments are in the "Notes" section. Weapons are included, the nuke explosion effects are =NOT=. YOu should probably have them from the GunnyPak. Speaking of weapons, a "new" 8kt ARM is included; this is a fictional ARM version of the Genie, more in line with "Fail Safe" and the No.6 Decoy/EW/Escort aircraft, and gives you a SEAD load. Kill SAM sites DEAD!!! Since real decoys don't/can't exist....it's just for fun! There's also and EO version, that can be used for STRIKE or SEAD missions.
As always, =READ= the enclosed readme for full, detailed instructions. This package has been broken down into the various folders that SF2 needs/requires/should have, to make it a LOT easier to install. Also, as usual, the expected 'Notes and Other Nonesense' comments by me. This =IS= Required reading -- there are some issues that are addressed there.

To Install:
As always, unzip the "sf2_hustler_pak.zip" to a temp folder or your desktop, or somewhere' else that's easy to find.
Then, simply copy/paste the /Objects folder directly OVER the /Objects folder of your SF2 install of choice.
All the folders have already been seperated out into their correct format that SF2 requires/wants/needs/should have for all mods.
That's it ... Off you go!

Notes and Other Nonsense:
Ok, first and foremost of importance ...when carrying the Two Component Pod for Nuke strikes - DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ORDER YOUR WINGMAN TO 'DROP TANKS'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- 
This WILL cause the game to lockup/freeze for some reason, and the only way out is C/A/D to start the Task Manager and kill it that way. You, however, can drop your tank, exposing the multi-megation bomb, This is how it would have been delivered ... the tank was kept until the bomb run, jettisoned, and then the bomb dropped. Apparently, when Wingmen are given the 'attack my target' order, they should automatically dump the externals.
(Unfortunately, during STIKE mission testing, it seems that giving your wingman ANY orders like - 'attack my target' may also freeze the game. Don't know what's causing it. Something releated to the nukes/TCP maybe??? Just be advised ... and let the AI handle ALL of these aircraft). They're quite fun for high-mach, low level flying.
Don't forget, too, these aircraft would have operated alone on their missions into the Soviet Union, and NOT in formations. You may want to send you wingmen home on STRIKE, and do the job yourself. Your choice -- but just remember what happens.
Also, the aircraft =REALLY= needs a new flight model ... IMO it has too much drag and not enough lift, and has a tendencay to 'tail stall' during hard turns. Of course, it's a frakking BOMBER, and shouldn't be making fighter-like manuvers.
There ARE some clipping issues with the Phantom cockpit as used -- the side window frames disappear. As I'm totally opposed to fucking around the the games clipping distances, these have been left alone. You'll just have to not turn you head too far left or right. I've narrowed down the cockpit views to try and prevent this as much as possible, but it's a moot point.
Which brings up another point -- my feelings are that even with cockpits and such, bombers should be left under the control of the Games AI -- it does a much better job of putting iron (or uranium/plutonium in this case) on the target.
I'm may also update Pete "pappychksix" Fredrico's SEA camo skin, and will release that when it's done. It needs better decals! Howeve, given the excessively SMALL conventional load ... the aircraft may be better used as a Pathfinder, with high-explosive ARMs, LOTS & LOTS of chaff, and super-powerfull jammers. Essentially, and EB-58s, similiar to the EB-66s as used in Southeast Asia. We'll see....

-Swapping Cockits:
If for any reason, you want to go back to the 106's pit, here's what you do:
Open the B-58A_DATA.ini, and scroll down to the [NOSE] section. You'll see this:
you'll note I already have the switch in place to turn off the nose, thereby removing the external windows/windshield framing. Simply uncomment the 'ShowFromCockpit=FALSE', and comment OUT the 'ShowFromCockpit=TRUE
It would then look like this:
Save and close the data ini.
In the B-58A.ini, where the cockpit statements are, you'll see this:
AircraftFullName=B-58A Hustler
//CockpitDataFile=B-58_cockpit.ini  <---
CockpitDataFile=F-4E_COCKPIT.INI    <---
You do pretty much the same thing, commenting out the F-4E cockpit ini, and uncommenting the B-58 cockpit ini. Thusly:
AircraftFullName=B-58A Hustler
As stated above, NEITHER is a perfect choice .. the Hustler had a rather unique cockpit, and did not have the radar display or RWR in the pilot's compartment. These was handled by the Radar Navigator (aka Bombadaier) and the Defense Systems Operator seated behind him. For gaming purposes, this will have to suffice.
You'll also have to rename the 'xCockpit' folder back to just plane Cockpit. This has all the F-106 cockpit bits.
Of course, if one wants to convert to totally AI, simple comment out BOTH cockpt inis, and it'll revert to computer/game AI control.

AeroFax #??? - Convair B-58 Hustler
Warpaint #4 - Convair B-58 Hustler
Pasko & Co for the original release;
Dave & Co for the 2009 upgrade;
??? for the J-79 sound I borrowed/included (Ravenclaw? Spillone? GMG??? don't know, but thanks!),
Me for the decals and such like
TK for the whole series!
If you have any problems, questions, comments or whathave you, I can be reached via the email addy below, or at the Usual Places - the message boards.
Good Luck, Good Hunting, and Happy Landings!!!
Kevin J. Stein
Legal BS:
This is freeware; it CAN be distrubuted, as long as this readme and all pieces of the package remain intact.
This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware addition
Bribes are accepted; ask for the day's going rate.

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