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SF2 F-84F Thunderstreak by The Mirage Factory 1.0.0

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SF2 F-84F Thunderstreak by The Mirage Factory            5/12/2019

= For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =

This is a rebuild for SF2 of The Mirage Factory's F-84F "Thunderstreak" (swept wing version). It goes again my grain to see such a well done aircraft, albeit originally built for SF/W0* 1st Gens, and many associated skin/decal set languish in obscurity simply due to age and the existence of one from 3rd Wire, albeit in a purchasable DLC. THIS one is free, and won't need any hoop-jumping to keep player flyable. 

I've scavanged most of the existing skin sets, did various tweaking to make them a bit more SF2 ready. The aircraft FM has been slightly adjusted for SF2, a destroyed model attached, decals randomized, and when necessary, decals and new skins created from the revised TMF Templates by Pappychksix. The templates are included in a separate named folder in this download. For those skins with painted on national markings, my patent pending "fake insigina decal" trick was used to activate the Nation Name displayed. The same trick, with my patent pending "fake SqTail" decal, now activates any and all squadrons that are listed in the stock 3W Squadronlist.ini. Reminder: the Squadronlist ini ONLY has full units, not, for example, the various Staffels of the BLW T-streaks. 

All new skin specific Hangar screens (SF2 style), and one of my famous "AvArt" style loading screens are included. All drop tanks, pilots, weapons and sounds needed are included (see Notes about camo tanks). The Canopy opens with the Standard Animaiton keystroke (shift/0 -shift/Zero).

In this pack you have many skins. Most use the 'SF2 date switch' to go from Natural Metal to the End Users (TM) national camoflague finishes. Please note, some skins are in their original "as issued" bitmap format. Some have been rebuilt, or new builds, in jpg format. The skins supplied are:

78th TFS, USAFE, RAF Bentwaters
168th FBS, Illinios Air National Guard (1961 Berlin Crisis)
4510th CCTS, Luke AFB (called 'USAF_Silver')

= Belgian Air Force:
3rd Squadron (NM 1956)
2nd Squadron (NATO Camo) -switches on in 1958

= Netherlands KLU:
311 Sqn, KLU (Camo) -starts 1964, when F-84Fs were recieved

= France:
EC 1/1 Corse (1955-1960) -folder called "AdA"; NM. see notes. 
EC 3/1 Argone (1956 Suez and post-Suez, 1957-ish)

= West German BLW:
JaboG 31 2nd Sqn "Alma" (NM 1956) (new by me)
JaboG 31 2nd Sqn "Alma" Camo
JaboG 32 3rd Sqn Camo
JaboG 33 3rd Sqn Camo
JaboG 34 "Allgäu" 1st Sqn
JaboG 35
*Note all except II/JBG 31 NM 56 are Camo, and start in 1962. All BLW skins/decals, except where noted are from Soulfreaks GAF Thunderstreak Pack*

= Greek Hellenic Air Force:
348 Sqdn, HAF, NM (1958)
346 Sqdn, HAF, SEA Camo (1971)
*Note: in between the NM and SEA, many HAF T-streaks carried NATO 2-tone. That skin is not supplied. See Notes.*

Also included is a 'generic natural metal' for any other skinners that wish to fiddle with new skins. As many of the NATO 2-tone camo aircraft use all decals for markings, and the template is supplied, it should be easy to create other skins as needed. Even though the header reads "Full 5 Merged", it can be used in any SF2 mods folder.

When in game, on the aircraft selection drop down menu, you'll see:

F-84F ThunderStreak (TMF)

This differentiates it from the stock 3rd Wire version.

As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too. Where possible, I've included the original readme for the various skin sets; the original TMF aircraft readme is in the main aircraft folder.

On behalf of my brother Mod Mafiosos...

Good Hunting!
Kevin Stein

For bpao ... you are sorely missed

UPDATED 5/16/2019:

Data ini updated with Cliff7600's fuel tank fixes. If you have the aircraft already, you need not re-download the full package. Follow this url:

and download JUST the data ini

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Thank you very much. I write this comment without even installing it yet.

HAF service dates should be from January 1957 to July 1983. The confusion may arise from the fact that a few retired F-84Fs were picked up after official retirement by the 348 recon squadron that flew RF-84Fs. F-84Fs were used from 1978 onwards by the 348 squadron as hacks and wingman duties. By wingman duties I mean that one single RF-84F had a F-84F as its wingman while performing a recon mission. The same system was used also by the RF-5A/F-5A, RF-104G/F-104G etc not that unsual.

When F-84Fs were grounded for good, I don't know. I know that by the time the last three airworthy F-84Fs were retired in March 1991 (RF-84F service dates, August 1956 - March 1991) the F-84F had been grounded already long time ago.


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