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A-1J Skyraiders of the US Navy

Hi Rez skins 

To be used on the stock 3W SF2 A-1J Skyraiders


Continuing my series of Skyraider skins, these ones are for late mark Spads, of the US Navy.

Included are :-

VA-25 "Fist of the Fleet" 2 different skins from 2 consecutive cruises the first on USS Coral Sea, and the secon on USS Midway

VA-115 "Arabs" again 2 different skins, both on the same tour of duty on USS Kittyhawk, the second set are a rework of Wrench's original experimental camo scheme, again mine is not 100% accurate, but I think it conveys the general idea. Only 2 or 3 Airframes were actually painted in this scheme, but it was just easier to do all of the squadron in it, the scheme was an experiment, which was found to be non beneficial, and in fact a bit of a problem for deck crews whilst operating at night or in bad weather, so it was dropped , however it does look pretty cool, the aircraft had only very basic markings and I have tried to replicate this with these skins, the other set of  "ARABS" are in the standard Grey/White scheme.

VA-145 "Swordsmen" aboard USS Intrepid 

VA-152 "Friendlies" on the USS Oriskany and they were called the Friendlies at this time NOT the Black Aces, or the Fighting Aces, the Name is correct for the Time period, the Squadron I believe are now known as the Mavericks !!

As with all my previous uploads, everything you need is in the package ( obviously you need the aircraft in the first place hahahaha ) Again I will give the Gypsies warning about the Data.ini, make sure you DO use it , or you WILL have clipping issues !!!

I will also say, as mentioned my my friend Mr Wrench, these are not 100% completely new , shiny, you cant bend it, built from the ground up , skins, but rather total reworks of skins that are already available ( in most cases) Hopefully I have improved on previous and older ones, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed doing them for you all !!


All the usual shout outs ( you know who you are !! ) 


As always ENJOY !!!! :airplane:

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I'm doing the VNAF ones first , hopefully, then I have the French and foreign ones to do after that, I also want to look at the A-1E as well, not the Razbam ones as I dont have those, but the Crapun one, but I need to deconstruct it all and make a template for it, The Korean war ones will then hopefully happen, along with RN AEWS...........So many skins , so little time or hours in the day hahahahaha.

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Well no, the USMC didnt use the A-1's operationally ( in Vietnam) for very long as they re equipped with the A-4 Skyhawks , So I haven't really researched USMC Marked Airframes. When I have finished with all the stuff I mentioned in my previous post above, I may look into Leatherneck Spads for you, no promises though I may be all A-1'ed out by then !! :stars:

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