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This is the Blackburn Buccaneer for the Royal Australian Air Force. This package consists of complete aircraft.

Historical Background

When considering its Canberra replacement, the Australian Government looked at a variety of options, including the Mirage IV, the A-5 Vigilante, and the TFX (F-111). Britain's Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral of the Fleet Lord Louis Mountbatten pushed the Blackburn Buccaneer. The Buccaneer did not come close to meeting RAAF requirements, but what if it was adopted? 

Given the lower price of the Buccaneer, we would have had a more than 24 - perhaps twice that. Enough for 3 squadrons easily. Deliveries of RAAF Buccaneers began in 1965 to 82 Wing at RAAF Amberley, Queensland. The RAAF Buccaneers were given the mark number Strike Mark 22. They were generally similar to the Royal Navy's Buccaneer S.2. An ILS was fitted, and some of the carrier-deck equipment was deleted, but the hydraulic folding wings were retained. In addition to the British twin bomb rack, the BRU-42 Triple Ejector Rack was procured, and US bombs such as the Mark 82 and M117 were tested. 

3 RAAF squadrons were equipped with Buccaneers. 1 Squadron was the primary strike squadron, 2 Squadron also performed the strike role, and was intended for forward defence if necessary, and 6 Squadron was tasked with conversion training and reconnaissance. 6 Squadron also backed up 1 Squadron. 

2 Squadron was the first RAAF Buccaneer unit to see combat. It was deployed in 1967 to Phan Rang Air Base in South Vietnam to support the B-57 Canberras of the USAF's 35th Tactical Fighter Wing. Between 1967 and 1972, 2 Squadrons Buccaneers performed thousands of missions in South Vietnam. With the addition of electronic countermeasures pods, RAAF Buccaneers were authorised to operate over North Vietnam. 2 Squadron Buccaneers also provided direct support to the Australian Task Force in Phuoc Tuy Province. 2 Squadron lost 1 Buccaneer in an accident, and sustained no losses due to enemy action, though a number of aircraft were damaged by ground fire. 

Upon their return to Australia, the Buccaneers moved towards a precision strike role with laser guided bombs, and maritime strike with the AGM-84 Harpoon. A number of ex-Royal Navy extra aircraft were purchased to replace attrition. Progressive upgrades kept the force operating efficiently. 

In 1990, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion of Kuwait. 2 Squadron's Buccaneers formed part of the RAAF's contribution to Operation Damask. RAAF Buccaneers attacked Iraqi ground forces, airfields, and communication and transport infrastructure. Unlike RAF Buccaneers, the RAAF Buccaneers dropped bombs from their first day. The RAAF's Buccaneers used laser guided bombs, and introduced the AGM-84E SLAM into RAAF service. The Buccaneers also took part in the Battle of Bubiyan using Harpoon missiles against the Iraqi Navy. 3 RAAF Buccaneers were lost to ground fire, with 2 aircrew killed. 

2 Squadron's return to Australia heralded the twilight of the Buccaneer's Australian service. In 1992, the Australian Government dropped plans to upgrade the Buccaneers and began to look for a replacement. The Buccaneer would continue in the strike role until 1996, and a small number would be used for reconnaissance until 1998. 

The options to replace the Buccaneer were the Panavia Tornado, and the F-15E Strike Eagle - but those are skins for another time, or another modder.


4 full aircraft, plus bomb racks, and bonus materials. The aircraft have been edited to use US weapons, and to allow the BRU-42 Triple Ejector Rack. Internal carriage of laser guided bombs is provided. 2 500 or 1000 lb Paveway bombs can be carried. The bomb bays will also carry 4 M117, or Mark 82.


  • Buccaneer S.22A (1965-1970)
    • Green/Grey camouflage
    • SEAC camouflage
    • SEA camouflage
    • SEA Night camouflage
  • Buccaneer S.22B (1970-1983)
    • Green/Grey camouflage
    • Green/Grey camouflage with low vis roundel
    • Green/Grey wraparound camouflage
    • SEAC camouflage
    • SEAC wraparound camouflage
    • SEA camouflage
    • SEA Night camouflage
  • Buccaneer S.22B (1983-1989)
    • Green/Grey wraparound camouflage
    • SEAC wraparound camouflage
    • SEA camouflage
    • SEA Night camouflage
  • Buccaneer S.22B (1989-1998)
    • Green/Grey wraparound camouflage
    • SEAC wraparound camouflage
    • SEA camouflage
    • SEA Night camouflage
    • Desert camouflage (Operation Damask, 1991)
    • Medium sea grey
    • Gunship grey
  • Squadron markings with squadronlist.ini numbers
    • 1 Squadron: 716
    • 2 Squadron: 193
    • 6 Squadron: 787
  • Bonus Material
    • Generic day and night SEA textures. These are suitable for any air arm using SEA camouflage, such as the USAF, RNZAF, RBAF, or ROKAF.
    • RAAF SEA camouflage with SEAC roundels

Ravenclaw007's Buccaneer RAF for SF2. In addition, to get full benefit out of the package, you should download all of his weapon packs. 



  • (If not done already), download and install Ravenclaw007's Buccaneer RAF for SF2
  • Add the contents of "To Mod Folder" to your mod folder. Overwrite and merge when requested.
  • Ensure the squadron numbers in the decals match your squadronlist.ini folder. If they do not, edit accordingly. 
  • Bonus Materials: textures only. To be used, decals and ini files are required to make a complete skin.


  • Original Model by Russouk2004
  • Skins and decals by Paulopanz
  • Loading and Hangar screens by Soulman and Gustav
  • FM rework by Kreelin,Spillone104,Baffmeister,Cliff11
  • 3D work,templates,Skins,weapon´s and cockpit´s by - ravenclaw_007
  • If anyone has been missed, please send me a message. 

What's New in Version 1.1.0


  • MinMaxExtent values revised

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