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ODS Warbirds: Tornado Fmk.3 ODS30 Squadrons 3.7

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SF2 Tornado Fmk.3 ODS30 Squadrons


This pack contains the stand-alone version of the Tornado Fmk.3 aircrafts from "Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary". This mod contains accurate ODS livery, nose art and serial numbers from ODS. This is just a sample of what you will find in the expansive "Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary" pack. If you like what you see and want (much much) more! You can download "Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary" here...


!! DO NOT INSTALL THIS MOD into the "Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary" pack. That pack already has these aircrafts, customized for the ODS30 theater!

* Sources: 

* Included Jets: 
Tornado ADV
Tornado F3


1) Copy the contents of the "To_Mod_Folder" folder into your mod folder and over-write if required.

2) Update your "...\Flight\SOUNDLIST.INI" with the contents of the "Add TornadoF3 SoundList.txt". Please don't forget to maintain the number sequence in the sound list.

3) Check, ensure (or update) all the squadrons in this pack is in your "SQUADRONLIST.INI" file. Once you look at that file, you will know what to do. 

* Please note that some squadrons may have multiple CO planes, this is not a mistake. Rather than just picking one CO, I am representing all the COs for that squardon during the period. So both COs could pop up in given scenario. I rather have them than cut them so...it's only a game...

* Tweaked and Tested by the ODS30 team!
* Mod Direction and Optimization - Menrva
* Additional Data and Weapons improvements - Yakarov79.
* Additional Sound tweaks and updates - Guuruu.
* Accurate Skins and Decals - Viper63a\Coupi

Thanks and Enjoy!


* Please see the "~Original Readme" folder for original credits and previous contributors. All credit goes to those who came before me. Without them, this pack would not be possible. 

Tornado F3 For SF2 by The Tornado Team

Main 3d modelling and programming: bobrock
FM and avionics advisors: Crusader, starfighter2
Sounds: Spillone104
Pilots: Aleks, Canadair, Erikgen, NGHENGO, Silverbolt, Spillone104, triplethr3at
Loading screen photo: David Cenciotti
TornadoIDS_Destroyed LOD from NF4+
G-55EUR Pilot Skin by X-RAY
Weapon Models: HiRes AIM-9L skin by ChrisBV
SkyFlash by Mirage Factory
SkyFlash6000 Data by Syrinx
43 Squadron 90th Anniversary Skin by Syrinx
43 Squadron Special Colors Skin by Syrinx
Afterburner TGA by dfang
SF2 Updates and Loading Screens by NeverEnough

What's New in Version 3.7


* Version 3.7 2021/08/08
- Further ini & sound tweaks by Menrva, Yakarov79 & Guuruu.
- Fixed\darken the HangarScreen silver bars, so the yellow text "Fly" is more visible.
- General tweaks & conversions from the ODS30 integrated planes to stand-alone versions.  
- Added optional sounds from ODS30.

* Version 3.6 2021/07/09
- Sync with ODS Pack
- Minor clean-up

* Version 3.5 2021/06/19
- Converted to Stand-Alone Pack

* Version 3.0 2021/01/19
- Sync'ed files with final ODS GA pack
- Added engine sounds and tweaks by Guuruu.
- Jarek tweaked loadout.

* Version 2.0 2020/10/30
- Sync'ed files with ODS pack 

* Version 1.5 2020/10/10
- Copied files over from ODS Pack
- Separated RAF and SAF F3 Tornados

* Version 1.0.5 2020/10/01
- Decal Optimized for space

* Version 1.0 2020/09/08
- New Skins, Pilot, Decals, ODS Accurate Serials, Sounds, ini updates for previous mentions...
- Created new RAF and SAF F3 Tornados

* Version 0.1 2020/09/05
- Initial pack rebuild\creation.
- Resource gathers and research.

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