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Chengdu J-10A-AR "Ehécatl"

This model is a approximation of how a Chengdu J-10 might look if it was in service with the Argentinian Air Force, being part of the 6to Grupo de Caza y Ataque, belonging to the VI Brigada Aérea. 
As many of you might know, Argentina is planning to modernize its air force, and one of the jets that has been considered is the J-10, coming along with the JF-17, the MiG-35 and the MiG-29 (I should work on one of those).
The model, though, is not accurate. The offer made by China considers the J-10CE, an export version of the J-10C.
This plane can carry Chinese and Russian weapons, and Argentinian Mk-series bombs.
The aircraft will appear on the list as "Chengdu J-10A-AR "Ehécatl".
The adding of the -AR is just a formality.

To install it, you will need to copy and paste the folders in your SF2 mod folder, following basic mod installation proccess.

In the folder >>J10AR-Final Version<< you will find 4 folders. These are:

Aircraft >> J-10A
Decals >> J-10A
Weapons >> KometaTankC // KometaTankW

Special thanks to:

Erwin_Hans and InSky, for the fantastic model they made of the Dragon...

Franconinja14, who made the skin for the plane...

Stipe, for the MiG-29M3 "Hyper Fulcrum" and its HUD, that I used for this mod...

Spinners, for the Kometa and its tanks, wich I use in this mod...

Eagle114th, for the screenshots, giving me tips and helping with everything (this guy is a genius)...

And ThirdWire, for this amazing sim, that I love and play almost everyday...

I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I do.
Have a good flight!
Good hunting!

What's New in Version 1.2


The 1.2 update is the biggest from now. Here's the changelist:

- New cannon: the J-10AR is now equipped with the GSh-301, to use primarely on attack missions.

- HUD changes: now velocity and altitude show in metric.

- New missiles: PL-9 and PL-12 BVRAAM have been added. You will find them as "PL-9C-AR" and "PL-12-AR".

- New tanks: modified the name of the tanks to show as "Ehecatl tank" instead of "Kometa tank". 

- New name: now the plane shows up as "Chengdu J-10AR Ehecatl".

- New loadout, using the PL-9 and PL-12 missiles.


- New rack added. Now you can carry up to 6 radar guided missiles. 

- Pylons coloured. Now you can see it in the fuselage.bmp.

- New INIs: the data.ini and loadout.ini have been changed, adding now the missile rack option as default.

- Corrected chaff and flare amount. I had changed it for testing, but now it shows the original amount.

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  • Nicely done ! A good skin for an old model.
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