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SF2 S-3A/B Viking Revamp

*** for all SF2-variants ***

Based on Wrench's Rework of Foxmonters S-3B Pack

This is an update for the old S-3B-model originally made by Foxmonter and updated in the past by Wrench.
The new pack is split into S-3A and S-3B (has Countermeasures and Harpoon-support). There are 10 skins for S-3A (until 1987, HighVis) and 5 for S-3B (from 1987 onwards, LowVis):
VS-21 Fighting Red Tails (1984)
VS-22 Checkmates (1976)
VS-24 Scouts (1977)
VS-28 Hukkers (1977)
VS-29 Dragonfires (1981, 1998)
VS-30 Diamond Cutters (1978, 1992)
VS-31 Topcats (1977, 2002)
VS-32 Maulers (1980, 1986, 1991)
VS-33 Screwbirds (2001)
VS-37 Sawbucks (1980)

No changes were made to the cockpit, avionics, etc. - this pack is mostly for an updated look.

Included are also:
- CAG-Birds for Squadrons, that had them
- 300gal Droptank model
- CNU-264 CargoPod (no actual use, pure eyecandy)
- D704 RefuelingPod (retracted and deployed)
- BuNos are correct, if possible (if not, then marked with a *)

1. unzip to a temporary folder
2. open "Put_Content_In_Your_MOD folder" and do as you were told, if asked to overwrite, say 'yes' :P
3. enjoy!


- Thirdwire and TK for a great game and nice models.
- FoxMonter for the S-3B-model
- Wrench for Update Pack
- Nyghtfall - Template, Skins, Decals, Tank-, Refuelingpod and Cargopod-models, some ini-work

- all modders at CombatAce for their work and inspiration

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