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EF-101D Jammin VooDoo. What If... 1.0.0

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I have absolutely no idea what I am doing here...

The true story behind Jammin VooDoo

When USAF realized that maintaining expensive RF-101B become problematic for the budget they started to look for potential clients among allied forces. Imperial Iranian Air Force saw an opportunity in this. After closing the deal IIAF immediately asked the Israeli industry to prepare a possible package for 22 airframes. The deal covered the full conversion of existing airframes into electronic countermeasure fighters. RF-101B received ground mapping radar and sophisticated electronics. It was successfully used by IIAF in escort and SEAD missions until 1979. Soon before the revolution, Israel was afraid that Jammin Voodoo electronics will get into the wrong hands. Thanks to diplomatic efforts Heyl Ha'Avir acquired all 22 airframes. Jammin VooDoo stayed in Israel until 1983 where it served in 253 Tayeset as an experimental ECM detachment. In 1983 due to huge expenses with old airframes, EF-101 was sold back to the USA. All aircraft were sent to two National Guard squadrons where they served for 4 more years in "wild Weasel" detachments.

In 2380 due to a temporal anomaly, USS Titan was sent into 1988. On secret assignment, all 22 aircraft were beamed into the cargo bay where airframes were scrapped and electronics were used to create a time beacon. 



Basic modding skills are required t run this mod. 



RF-101B by erikgen

pylons from great Nyghtfal A-4 pack converted to use with Jammin VooDoo.

ALQ and AGM-45 by Ravenclav. 

skins,ini etc..me


Have fun :biggrin:


Jarek H.


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You do know the RCAF used a real EF-101 (F-101B converted with EB-57E electronic jamming capacity incorporated) until april 1987 (year where plane been sent back to the US).

Plane was attached to the 414 Sqn in North Bay


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