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F-CK-1 Ching-Kuo 1.0.1

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F-CK-1 Ching-kuo (IDF) Multirole Fighter Jet

by UllyB

November the 21th 2023/ver 1.0.1   



The Taiwanese Ching-Kuo Fighter is developed and manufactured by the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation based in Taichung. The aircraft is also referred to as the Indigenous Defence Fighter (IDF). The Ching-Kuo is an all-weather, multi-role fighter and is built in one-seater and two-seater configurations.
Ching-Kuo fighter programme

The programme to develop the aircraft, known as the An Hsiang or Safe Flight programme, started in 1982 with identification of the requirements for an air-superiority fighter. The rollout ceremony of the first prototype took place in December 1988, when the aircraft was named after the late President Chiang Ching-Kuo. The Ching-Kuo made its first flight in May 1989.

Ching-Kuo air superiority fighters are operational in the RoC Air Force of Taiwan (Republic of China) since January 2000 and the last of a total of 130 entered service in July 2000.

AIDC has developed an upgrade package which includes a digital cockpit, upgraded radar and countermeasures. BAE Systems supplied the new 32-bit digital flight control computer. Two F-CK-1 prototypes were upgraded to F-CK-1 C/D in 2006. The upgraded C/D aircraft made its first flight in October 2006. It was renamed as F-CK-1 C/D Hsiung Ying (Brave Hawk) in 2007. Other improvements in the upgrade package included increased internal fuel capacity, improved avionics, renovated electronic warfare capabilities and strengthened landing gear. Production of the C/D version began in 2009 as part of the $588m Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) programme.

AIDC will upgrade the initial 71 of 130 IDFs under the MLU programme. The first batch of six upgraded F-CK-1 C/D IDFs were delivered to the ROCAF in June 2011. The remaining 65 were delivered at the end of 2012.



FCK-1 also known by you, by now, as COMMUNITY MOST WANTED is the first project here that was decided after a democratic vote of community members. I decided to let community vote what type of plane would wish to be built as a sign of appreciation and respect for it.
This project had a bumpy start. We lost the 3D Max guy after two weeks.Things went so bad that I saw no other way out than to close the shop. Then GKABS offered to help and bought a 3D model from the market. He and his team offered to take over the project but they had to postponed it before because of their current projects at that time. Then I had a long talk with my old friend and veteran Logan4 who, miraculously  offered to help and he gave me a reason to resurrect the project and put it back on tracks. We built a small team and we proceeded forward.  
As one said it, I owe him one for that. Logan4 had an utmost contribution to this very project.Truth is that Logan4 and his exceptional character and altruism saved the project and I thank him for that deeply.


Aircraft general features:

- slick 3D design for A/C and B/D versions
- canopy animation    
- aircraft workable slimmers (SHIFT+9)
- custom weapons
- slick fuel tank design
- custom fueltank colors to match the aircraft skins paintjob.
- bump maps (normal maps)
- regular aircraft night lights.
- original decals built
- original paintjobs, some inspired from real models.
- engine smoke/vapors realistic effect
- custom made engine intake decals
- hangar pictures for every model included



Install instructions:

- Copy DECALS, WEAPONS, PILOTS  folders into StrikeFighter2XXX\Objects folder
- Copy F-CK-1A,F-CK-1B,F-CK-1C,F-CK-1D folder into StrikeFighter2XXX\Objects\aircraft folder
- Copy F-CK-1_destroyed.bmp and F-ck-1_destroyed.LOD files into StrikeFighter2XXX\Objects\aircraft folder
- Copy Effects folder into StrikeFighters2XXX\Effects folder





- Project manager - UllyB
- Design, 3D modelling, decals, effects, aircraft textures, bump maps (normal maps), slimmers & aircraft animations, plane's ini files, plane's main files and other 3D Max heavy liftings - Logan4
- Weapons - Logan4 (3D model and current texture of Wan Chien, HF-2 and TC-2 variants)
- Aim-9P-4 missile -  Ravenclaws weapons pack
- original ini files from AngelP's weapon pack
- weapons ini files adjustment & numerous tweaks - Logan4
- Additional weapons listed in loadout.ini are either stock or from Ravenclaws weaponspack2
- Fuel tank design and model - Logan4
- Custom fuel tank paintjob to match each plane's skin - UllyB
- Pilots model  (GKABS)
- Custom pilot equipment recoloring - UllyB & GKABS
- Mk 10 pilot seat - AleDucat
- FM work - Cliff7600

- hangar pictures - UllyB via Google Images
- Aircraft information, testing, ideas - Ace888
- Project correction and supervising - Logan4
- Additional project correction - UllyB & GKABS
- Testers (Bazillius, Logan4, Compufat, GKABS, UllyB, COMBATACE  community for the "B" model)
- Project  special advisors Ace888, Bazillius, Logan4, GKABS
- Special thanks to the COMBATACE community, a wonderful bunch.
- Also special thanks to TK & Thirdwire, who made this wonderful military flight sim we all today enjoy.




THIS MODEL IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE . You can use this product or parts of it in your future projects only with my consent if more than 30% of the original release is affected by your work . Also you must give proper credits to the ones who contributed in making it, in case I will allow it to be used by third parties as such. This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware addition. Under no circumstances may these files be sold or uploaded to a payware site or any kind of illegal warez site.


Final log entry

Whoever wants to make skins, from scratch, for FCK-1, I can give them access to the texture templates. Just PM me. Also please let us know, in the comment section below, your impressions about the plane. We encourage you to do that, we love to read what you think about out work. Thank you.

What's New in Version 1.0.1


- proper seat (MK-10) pilot added to all versions.

- added missing entries in data.ini files for copilot, for B and D versions. Now both pilots for B/D versions had the new custom suit on.

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Many people was taking part in this beautiful mod but main work was done by Logan4. Thank you friend, you worked hard. Thank you to UllyB  for leading. Without you guys we havent got this aircraft. Thanks. guys for the new mod.

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Nice work everyone involved , some lovely skins 

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Amazing aircraft!!! it's really well done, congratulations!!!

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