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FakePilot addon for pilot method of addon parts

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About This File

Version 1.0


Thanks to JimmyBib for the original suggestion.


This is a mod to help add 'parts' to aircraft using the pilot method.


What this does is solve the problem of add-on parts 'disappearing' when an aircraft is a static display. Instead, you must add the parts as ejection seats, so you need a pilot model. However, normally you would have to find a way to make the pilot hidden from view. This file solves that problem.


It's a 0.1 meter box that is totally clear, so it can be mounted anywhere. In addition, the polycount is minimal, so your frame rates won't be affected.





1. Copy the Fakepilot.LOD and CompletelyClear.TGA to your Objects/Aircraft directory.


That's it. It's now ready to be used for any 'addon' parts you decide to add.



Instructions on how to add external parts to an aircraft.


Basically, we are going to make a new new pilot position, with your 'addon' part as the ejection seat.


An example from the A-4L_data.ini.


First, determine what you want to call the new mounting area...for the A-4L, I decided to call it the AvionicsHump


Second, add this line (as an example) to a component section (Nose, Fuselage, etc): SystemName[XXX]=AvionicsHump


Now, go to the Pilot section and add the following:



SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT <---- Will always be this

PilotModelName=FakePilot <----- Will always be this name

Position=0,0,0 <----- Doesn't matter where...it's a clear box

SeatModelName=A4LAH <---- Model name of the pylon/hump/canard

SeatPosition=0.0,3.82,0.825 <---- Coordinates where you want it to show

SeatID=2 <---- Used to determine which pilot model 'disappears' when in cockpit view. Make sure it's something other than SeatID=1


Save the new data.ini.


Make sure the LOD of your hump/pylon/canards is in the Objects/Aircraft directory.


That's it.


Advantages of this technique:


Idiot proof...you can't unselect them, you can't jettison them, they will ALWAYS load with your aircraft.

Don't need to make weapondata.ini entries (no fake weapons).

As a bonus, no other aircraft could use them either.



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