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Le Missionneur: Mission Editor

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About This File

This tool allows user to create their own missions. Works successfully with SFP1, WOV, WOE and mods.

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Yeah we need to reset it to GermanyCE. I'll look at the app ini.


I cant figgure out how to use it in wings over europeit just keeps coming up blank and please specify a path :blink:

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I cannot use aircraft carriers. Once there data is added to the GROUNDOBJECTDATA.ini, they appear as ground objects in the ground mission list, not in the naval mission list. I can add the, but not take-off from them. They are not considered as runways. Can you help me? Any idea? Thanks very much

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I can't seem to get this to work at all. I'm using it in WOE, and it is installed to the root directory. However when I open the editor it tells me to specify a location, which I'm not sure how to do? I've followed the tools/options/installation.... many times but every time I select my WOE root install it does nothing. In the first box on the Installations page where it says the directory that the mission editor seems to be installed, this box is always blank! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


Any help is appreciated

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