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Chengdu J-10A Final

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Chengdu J-10A "Vigorous Dragon"




These from Wiki:


The Chengdu J-10 (simplified Chinese: ??; traditional Chinese: ??; pinyin: Ji?n Shí, meaning "Annihilator (Fighter) Ten") is a multirole fighter aircraft designed and produced by the People's Republic of China's Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (CAC) for the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). Known in the West as the "Vigorous Dragon", the J-10 is a multi-role combat aircraft capable of all-weather day/night operation, that the PRC's People's Daily has compared to the F-16 and Mirage 2000.








Skins by Jv44kt


3D Model by Insky


Flight Model by Erwin_hans and Jv44kt


INI work by Erwin_hans and Jv44kt


Effects by Jv44kt




1, unzip the J-10A.rar


2,Copy ALL files from J-10A folder to :




3,copy Flightengnie.ini to:




4,add weapons in weapons' folder to you weapondate.ini


5,then............enjoy it




----------------Inksy Group 2009

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Gents, has anyone tried to edit the data.ini of the J-10A to correct the problems with the control surfaces?

I have played with it a bit to make the canards work properly (work reversed in the original upload) and sort of managed to fix that. The ailerones however seem a tough nut for me. In reality they should act as both ailerons and flaps on take-offs and landings, however currently these do not move at all. I did try to follow the example of other similar aircraft - JAS-39 and EF-2000, but so far no progress there. Anyone got a clue or could point me to a tutorial how to fix the problem?

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