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Texture for Spruance Class Destroyer

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Texture for Spruance Class Destroyer

Texture replacement for the Spruance Class Destroyer Model


By Gerwin 8-3-2008



In the strike fighter games the Aircraft Carrier

often goes without escort. Fortunately there is a free

Spruance class destroyer model available that can be used

in the game. The 3d model looks and interacts very nice,

yet the texture is IMHO not the same quality as the stock

carrier for example.


I have spend quite a few hours painting over various

parts of the texture, based on photographs of the actual ships.

The resulting texture is included in this package.

The number on the hull (963) refers to the first ship of

the class: the USS Spruance.



Copy the included file (Spruance_t.bmp) to a folder that contains

the spruance object files, for example:


(You may want to backup/rename the original texture first.)



Third Wire for the Strike Fighters Based Games

capun for 3D Model conversion & Data ini of the Spruance


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Nice. Can you land an H-3 On the back?

:ph34r: CL


The original file had two models. One with a landable helo deck and one without.



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Bitchin' Although thinking back the answer for some pilots would be no. Its a tight fit. we did have a wicked rotor strike once. With rotors folded we could get the Sea King in the hanger. Another tight fit. Forward positioning for CSAR Perhaps?

:ph34r: CL

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