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Tell me about a flight sim that has...

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I am looking for the most realistic flight sim possible. I want to see enemy planes taking off from their airfields. Is there such a game? It would also be interesteing to see them complete their missions and return home, and this applies to allies as well. I have SuperPro 9.4, does enemy AI take off and complete missions, and then return?


All in all I am looking for something that has some realistic flavor to it, unlike Lock On which has a very predictable and ridiculous AI. I want to see enemy and allied pilots alike make real time decisions and take precautions and exhibit, passive, defensive or aggressive behavior.


Is there such a game?

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Falcon 4: AF - if you have the time to invest - theres a lot to learn


There isnt much choice out there for what you want - although Lead Pursuit (the F4:AF developers) are supposed to be developing a new sim in line of Falcon with better graphics amongst other things.

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