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OFF3 Issues

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If you are having runtime issues with Phase 3 check the following:


1) That you have installed the 1.26 patch - available in the downloads section of our site:






2) If you are still having funnies - check the current issues that we have detected and are working on:


see this Forum section:



If this covers your issue then please be patient we are working flat out on it!




3) If you are still having issues try reinstalling BH&H:


3.1) Go Start, Control Panel , Add Remove Programs and Remove P3 BH&H


3.2) Delete the CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields Folder ( i.e delete any remnants) and all sub folders.


3.3) Install BH&H

See FAQ here for full step by step (important)




4) If your Trackir has stopped working after install of OFF P3 - Grab the latest drivers from Naturalpoint.com and reinstall TrackIR software.




5) If you are running on a non English OS and have the "Homefield Error" then set your OS to run Unicode English:

Update to V1.26 and then check the FAQ for more info (search for home field error).


6) Try a Reset of CFS3 - Goto Workshops and press the 'CFS3 Reset' button - this is particularly applicable if you upgraded from P2 to P3. (This will lose all your created pilots!)



7) Finally Read the FAQ!





8) If after this you are still having problems please contact us on:




Please note we need you to quote your order number, plus your system details as per the FAQ and we will assist you.






OBD Support

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Well i have an issue with the purchase of the hat in the ring zip file? how do i get the chance to use it , I unzipped it and then go to install and it says i haven't purchased it . Well someone is drinking and hasn't a clue since i have the documents listing the purchase of it and the charges to my account. how do i unlock this file ? i would like to try the new aircraft out.

I did try making an outlook express account to email direct , however it doesn't seem to wana take .




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Hi Dragonfly,


Open up whichever e-mail client you normally use. Using the same account you used when you made the purchase, send an e-mail with your purchase details off to support@overflandersfields.com. Obviously you won't be able to use the direct link. You'll have to copy and past or simply type the e-mail address in manually.


That should eliminate the need to create an Outlook account.


Hope that helps....





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Trying to run BHH afther installing it to my win7 64. When I try creating a pilot I get the following message:"Home Field File Error!:Try Re-installing OFF!"

I tried re-intalling several times still no success.How can I resolve this?

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I am afraid OFF is dead. no place for answers to problems. most links are dead


I voiced this exact concern about this forum.  Since OBD moved their "official" forums to SimHQ after a mishap here, this forum has gotten very quiet and can easily give the impression that OFF / WOFF is no longer being supported or flown by players.   Nothing could be further from the truth but I worry we may lose good players from time to time who don't realize that a new official forum exists. 

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