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Hat In The Ring

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Over Flanders Fields announces a new upcoming add-on release called, "Hat In The Ring." Designed with the community in mind it includes a tremendous amount of new and updated features. The new release is greatly anticipated and promises to be more than newly stretch canvas for the prop-heads among us. Expect a full review of the upcoming release when it is available. Some of the highlights we are greatly expecting in Hat In The Ring soon to be released are below. We hope you are as excited about this as we are.



Nieuport N.28 - Initially deploayed by the US Air Force the Nieuport N.28 was a good fighter only hampered by upper wing problems, and the odd spontaneous fire at take off!


Nieuport N.24 - Both British & French Versions are being released as one of the most beautiful designs from nieuport in several variations.


Nieuport N.24 Bis - British & French Versions


Nieuport N.17 Bis - The Nieuport N.17 was based on the n24 design, the n.17 bis unusually for nieuports sported two guns, Lewis over wing and Vickers!


Fokker E.V "RAZOR" - Late to the fight but notable as the first thick wing mono-wing aircraft with excellent performance from a 110 HP ENGINE.


Airco D.H.5 - Biplane with a rearward stagger. The Airco D.H.5 known for its lacking performance at altitude forced this sturdy craft into the ground attack roll where it excelled. fitted with 4 cooper bombs. Said to be a sight to be behold the D.H.5 diving onto the enemy vertically is sure to be a great addition!



Extra Squads and Amended Squads - take the NEW Aircraft into account for full campaign immersion for all OFF aircraft. Includes American Squads as a key part!


100'S of NEW Authentic Aircraft Textures - NEW or UPDATED for the squads and existing aircraft for full immersion in the campaigns! Fully researched and bringing the total number of available aircraft in OFF to over 4000.


Personalized AIRCRAFT Skins - players can now fly with their own unique custom skin in a single player campaign!


Actual Wind Buffeting Effect - as you fly wind effects get worse with the weather conditions (configurable as off or on in workshops).


NEW Wind Sounds - available in every craft so they are speed dependent and increases with speed.


Revised Rail Yards - all are now co-incident with railway tracks and further improved with switchbacks and revised textures.


Revised Textures - overhauled high resolution airfield textures and revised airfield tree models.


Revised Terrain - Revised forest and woods layouts.


Revised Auto-generated Tree Models - available in high terrain detail only.


Improved Mobile Ground Unit Deployment - for theater play.


NEW Artwork Manager - main menu picture now changes according to players pilot nationality.


NEW Aircraft Roles - now Aircraft Roles are depicted in enlistment and in campaign screens and missions will match. As an example the DH5 will be assigned ground attack roles.


Revised Effects


Auto Exit on Damage on/off Setting


Allied Flak Smoke Improved


Many Other Minor Tweaks and Features



































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Erik, thanks for posting the info and all the screenies. I for one am very excited about this add-on. The best just keeps getting better. :clapping: Way to go OBD!

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