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RIP Bill Millin

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Another brave WW2 veteran is with us no more.


Bill Millin was the piper who played ashore Lord Lovat's commandos on D-Day to the tune of Highland Laddie, and played the troops off the beaches towards their objective. The sound of the approaching bagpipes was a most welcome sound of approaching relief for the beleaguered paratroopers who's taken and held the Orne River Bridge, nowadays known as Pegasus Bridge.


Takes a lot of guts to pipe the troops forward, unarmed, and defenceless. Rest in peace Bill.

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Well said Lou, these vets are passing way to quick now. I see many wearing their unit or Army hats now of days. I get some weird looks when I walk up and thank them or any vet for their service, I also get some big smiles after I thank them. I regret that I have not spent more time talking with them. I started thanking them and talking with them a few years back. I was born on Dec. 7th. so I have always been interested in anything related to Pearl Harbor. I was working in a gas station when a gentleman came in with a Pearl Harbor survivor Cap came in. I was able to talk with him as I filled up his car. The story he told was unforgetable and nothing like the movies. I regret not thanking these men for our freedom sooner.

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