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What If Screenshot Thread.......

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Borduria vs Syldavia... :pilotfly:

Beautiful original vintage plane mods !  :smile:

Edit... a little mistake with the Bf 109 insignia !



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What if Brazil selcted for its FX-2 program the F/A-18E Super Hornet instead the Gripen ?





But they did not.... they selected the Gripen E... but What If they use the standard camo in use in the FAB today instead of the Swedish air superiority gray?



But thy , at the end chose this...


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Dassault Rafale EA-2:

The Dassault Rafale EA-2 is an advanced variant of the well known Dassault Rafale, developed for Argentina to replace the Mirage. The Omnirole plane can compplete all types of sorties and has been in service since 2018. It is considered a whole new variant of the Rafale, since all the parts that BAe provided to build it were replaced with russian parts, with some of them being more powerful than its predecessors. It is actually in service with the 6th Fighter and Attack Group, belonging to the 6th Air Brigade. It has participated in the "ECOAS 1", a joint exercise with the US Navy, where the pilots were able to "sink" the USS George Bush, showing an exceptional ability to fly low and engage from long distance.








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F-104M Starfighter - Imperial Iranian Air Force, 1972


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